You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Racing, Writing and Remembering

During the fifties and sixties the world was becoming fast and to keep up with the boom we needed food that could keep up.   We went from Drive-ins like A&W to the likes of McDonalds.    From full-service filling stations to what are you lazy?   Fill em yourself.

AWrootbeerAW RBBusiness Card 2Mark Twain

While we were pumping gas ourselves the Motor City of Detroit was slowly evolving into what it is today.    From the quality and personality of the older cars to sedans like K-Cars,  Pintos,  Vegas and Chevettes.   From the handcrafted classics we got robots and automated systems siphoning off jobs while garnering owners and managers robust salaries with bonuses the size of a small town budget.   Pintos however were serviceable as race car bodies for all sorts of race cars and this includes the modifieds of Richie Evans,  Maynard Troyer (Troyer Chassis) and Geoff Bodine.


Our movies too were changing,   from the maudlin caricatures of old mobster wives to the clammy feel of NJ and the Tony Soprano-like wise guys.     Ozzie and Harriet traded in the idyllic trappings complete with white picket fences to apartment complexes and cookie-cutter modular homes.   I had a 1974 Gremlin-X with the old 258 straight six.   Really awesome car except when it was icy and low on gas.    I had to steer into my skids on numerous occasions.     I used to sport a ‘FLY NAVY’  license plate on base,  while being in the Air Force.   I was all ready for some gung-ho lifer to give me a hard time.

And Yes|!  Elvis had left the house and Pink Floyd found his way in,  leaving us to ask,  “Which one is Pink?”    But blurrier still was the androgynous look of the 80s like Boy George and David Bowie, while in racing circles we went from tail-fins to Camaro-styled bodies to the ersatz style of Rocket-Chassis and the Troyer Mudd Bus.    In the year 2015 we have cars coming on like big-hair groups sans the hairspray.    Even the support divisions have dapper cars who,  if they went to Joseph A. Bank,  John Gotti would be impressed.   I need to finish the Sopranos and then move on again to ‘The Game of Thrones’.      But cars these days look pretty cool.     Bradley will make your car the talk of the town and wherever you race.    Get it hooked up,   then traverse the cities and towns looking for events to show off your cars with.


Even today,   we continue to evolve as wraps have replaced traditional paint jobs with exotic and very good looking art work.   A kind of visual renaissance in an era of looking good means drawing quality sponsors.

711Bradley Poor1

Bradley SponsorsBradley workBradleyShowtime1hoseheads02x.gifPAANCPGuard97okk297-okk-1-b-512x250

Wrap stars like Bradley Poor bring home the bacon today with impressive styles at affordable prices and the feeling that all changes are not necessarily bad.  Please contact him at his website or online at Facebook.   He is not only an artist of a kind but a driver too.

As always this blog is in the memory of Senior Master Sergeant Floyd M.  Parton who died two years ago of complications from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).   Veterans get this disease at a much higher rates than the civilian population.



University of Tampa at night.   They won their 7th National baseball title in 2015.

Tino Martinez played there and holds most hitting records.

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