My Gay Roommate. Air Force.

I had a choice of roommates.   A straight dickhead or a gay guy with issues.  (Don’t we all?).  However Mark was intelligent, engaging and a friend.    His dissections of movie plots were genius.  He was a 702 which is the military way of saying a person worked in the office.     One day after a Commander’s Call with our weather unit,  we were walking back to the barracks and about four guys were calling him names I will not mention.   When I saw the look on Mark’s face it was enough for me to retaliate in kind and this was in an era before DADT.

No fight just a threat because I was an NCO (SSgt) and they were little weenies and I would have gone after them if I could.   Anyhow,   it is not what a person likes if it is legal but what kind of person they are to others.

As I said,  Mark has his problems and of course being gay and being out front about it,   was a method to get kicked out.  His behavior escalated eventually he was wearing lipstick and mascara and leadership had enough.   Regardless,  he was and I hope is doing well.    Above all,   he lived the way he felt was the best for him and who am I to judge.    I did learn something about humans though and I am forever grateful for that.

After getting out I had a gay roommate again and he was okay but one of  his friends was not.    His friend said the place stunk of fish,  regarding my girlfriend.   After he left I went to Ray and told him if I ever heard anything like that again that I would kick his ass.   So again,  tolerating and accepting is kind of fluid,  but what is not subjective is common decency.   I do not care who you are if you are being a shit,   I am going to let you know.

No need for bro slaps or mancaves!