Crushing Blow – Tears in Heaven


Three days ago,  Lacey passed away.  I can’t get over it.   There were warnings signs,  like loss of balance and then losing control over her hind legs.  About an hour later she made noises and then had a loss of bowels in the kitchen.  I yelled at her and put her in the litter box.  A few moments later she fell to her side.  Never got her chance the to stand ever again.

I became scared.  I was panicked and cried.  A few minutes later she died in my arms.  I am in grief and hurt and angry.  No, I am pissed.  At the unfairness.  By the way,  she was 18 years old.   Still the pain was like a dagger in the heart.   I will her so much.  She was skin and bones but very sweet.  I love her still.  Not sure I will get over this.  Sorry for errors,  but I have epilepsy and typing is horrible.

R.I.P.  Lacey.  We will meet in heaven.