1974 Gremlin-X

Pistol-Whipping Hummingbirds?? lol Closings?


These two pictures are iconic and probably before my time but they both encapsulate the meaning and purpose of young adulthood.    I for one can remember all the front gates at the stations that I was stationed at.     I think it is like an ant farm,  a collective of like-minded young people fulfilling tradition and populating the various career fields.

I had spent time at Sheppard and Lackland AFB bases but it is was Chanute and perhaps Rhein Mein AB,  Frankfurt,  Germany that hold my greatest interest.  Both places are closed no!!!~   A piece of me,  GONE!!!

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The Abandoned "White Hall" at Chanute Air Force base in Rantoul, IL.

The Abandoned “White Hall” at Chanute Air Force base in Rantoul, IL.


These were the new dorms back when I was there around 1979 and 1981.   I was in the NCO dorms and we had maids and cable TV and the place looked like a Motel but we as Sergeants drove to class and did not have to march.      Every day you would hear the cadence of ropes (student leaders) and the rhythmic beat of black combat boots.   Student had flashlights with their yellow cone-like caps almost like headlights leading the way.     Beware of the Air Force Form 341!  I will gig you!!  haha.

Fortunately that was behind us as we were Non-Commissioned Officers  and we were bad ass!!  Ok,  we weren’t but the new trainees froze when they saw us.   We could only think back to those days.  Seventeen to twenty-one year olds who for many was leaving home for the first time.

I was in the Gremlin,  Pacer,  Pinto and Vega-era.   We had K-Cars and dumb-downed Novas,  providing the late Twentieth Century with plenty of cheaply made cars.   Computers then had the memory of an old folks home.     Like Commodores and IBMs and softwear programs designed by Moses and I am not talking Moses Malone.  RIP sir!

We had psychometric wheels where we converted pressure values into Station Pressure,  Pressure Altitude and Altimeter settings.    We had no computers showing us Satellite Imagery and radar.   For this was the generation of Fax Machines with all that on it.   We analyzed charts by hand,  looking for anomalies that would describe current weather events and potential forecast products.



My WordPress first edition weather blog.

Dan’s Weather Page. USAF


We actually had all this equipment at Chanute and even put out our own forecasts using the technology of those times.   No Doppler Radar or double dopplers!    Even the fax machines we had above went from crappy to functional and it was all good unless you touched the blades that transmitted the signal to the paper.    You could seriously cut yourself and many observers did just that..

And reliability?  Forget about it!

Chanute AFB Museum     Good job by the author depicting the changes and how these memories remain kind of sealed in our subconsciousness.     From the Airman and NCO clubs and recreation centers,  those memories largely survive in vivid detail.     As the buildings collapse and are torn down,  other newer facilities fall to the ax.    Memories buried in debris of asbestos-laden buildings razed not to be seen again, only in our memories.

But the essence of these times will not be forgotten and as White Hall (Weather Central so-to-speak) and it’s radar have vanished like the morning fog.   Rows and rows of the Old World War II barracks are gone,  the only thing left are the concrete slabs used as foundations and the rows where troops marched in the morning an the afternoon.

But there is a side to all of this.  The side where young people got their hearts broken and broke hearts too.  Some of us may have drank for the first time.    It was 1984 when President Reagan signed into law the Federal drinking age.   Something I strongly despise.

We had an old place where Service Members went to have fun.   A local dance club (er dive…. lol) called the Prairie Lands and if you drove past the club and the old silos you could be blown off the road during the right weather conditions.   An eddy that surrounded the silos and that highway and we were all notified of this hazard by safety NCOs and Officers.


I played AAU basketball for a church near Champaign.   I scored 34 points for our team there at the University.      I remember a  lot from those days including watching UI destroying University of Texas,  Texas-Arlington 119-74 and we got free pizza for them the Illini topping 100 points.   That was cool.   I also remembering watching WGN when the Phils beat the Cubs 23-22.

1979 Cubs/Phillies

It was in one of the new dorms (newer then) that I drank for the first time just at the end of the course when I got dizzy in the foyer and then made it to the room.   While laying down,   I saw Jesus,  made promises to him and my bed seemed to be spinning around.  I didn’t feel my best,  as I crawled to the porcelain throne and met the floor.   Oh well.   Oh and the girl who was turning 25 and talking about how her life was almost over.    Afterall that is a pretty advanced age!!!  Hahah

Observing school was a piece of cake and forecasting school not as much fun or as easy.  My problem being an ADD and Anxiety disorders that kind of hurt me all the way through except for Physics and had a 97 on the final.    Anomalies do happen.    I am just glad I made it through.

At that time pizzas were still 20 minutes or they were free at Dominos Pizza.  Of course we had people try to confuse drivers so they could get a free pizza.   I guess this is what drove the company to give discounts and then when they got GPS,  the gig was up.   Our nefarious plots and watching the original ‘Battlestar Gallactica’ along with the occasional female friend was our whole life beyond our studies.  And our studies? Well I would kill the subjects at the dorms with my friends expecting I would ace every test.  Fat chance of that.   You could swear that I was as apprehensive as going through the gas chamber or an MTI finding an unlocked personal locker.   You see,  they frowned on that a little.. ha

In passing,  just as our parents and their parents,  things change.   To the new people who come along and experience weather school at Keesler,  they probably do not get the fascination with Chanute.  That old and prestigious building (White Hall) is an enigma and it’s destruction feels  like a friend who passed.




I heard… my Lord speak, past the Charlatans.

I heard the loud gossip.   The unremitting implacable voice that bled tyranny  without a purpose.   The dangling nuances floated like dandelion leaves weaving themselves intricately in the still practically still air.   Soon the caterwauling traversed the Ivy walls and permeated a culture.   The perceived sin was a stain and the accuser with a letter opener divulging it’s contents with savage alacrity.


Pretty soon more bees appeared humming innuendo in consonance,  breeding a fomenting tide.   The woodchucks were building a dam to a pent up rage.   Finding philosophy,  clarifying perceptions and sustaining the crackling whip.

Now the tide’s foams where churning,  this mass moving forward in soliloquy followed by a sneeze.  The steady hum of ceiling fans and the bubbling cauldrons of digestion echoing about.   Terse abeyance with the clicking clock,  this momentary lapse in a long and counterproductive day.


The victim’s penance was not enough!   The dirty closet was for later and now just the poison of a sting,  it’s arrow embedded in the heart.   The poor Butterfly felt dizzy and the drawing of the curtain too much.  This Monarch was unseated,  it’s clefted speech unrecognizable.   There really was no sustaining sin or the need for such whippings for the Antlers of the accuser gored with reckless glee.

visages-de-femme-1370115318_bClandestine dreams

White linen appeared,  as a Praying Mantis praying her sublime ode with perfume and the perfunctory slap of heavenly quiet.   Reckoning not with shackles but a compromised self-image,  the progression of a pendulum,   striking the atavistic cheek with a dose of reality.  The Victim like the Swan apoplectic at it’s good fortune,   humbly then cast aside the hurt in favor of a favorable outlook.   Exonerated and unimpeachable joyfulness like the bells of a church chattering.


keep1Dream within a dream 3

To a pastoral scene within a dream of Tanzanite Blue and the shifting sands of time to a reverence and the hand of God looking kindly, prodding,  reassuring.   You are safe,  feel the cascading waterfalls wash away ordinary blame…    Resolved…..

Wavelengths NASA

I felt… Oh oh feelings!!!


Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings – always darker, emptier and simpler.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/feelings.html#fGQvfxoqLOmo18UI.99

I felt but what was I feeling?

Were my perceptions of myself,  perceptions or guesses?

Were my guesses literal?

Or were my literal cognitions but fanciful dreams in a pick pocket’s hands?


Were those hands ruddy or smooth?

Were those acts of sleight of hand cumbersome or like velvet?

Was it crushed velvet or a simulation,

like a Cubic Zirconia kind of Diamond?

And can a diamond be a friend

or can a CZ be one too?

So what if I feel.


Was it a feeling  that I felt or a summation of feelings.

Feelings so elusive like water through ones fingers.

Fingers that rob and yet feed.

Fed by greed or by the perception of a job?

Does sustenance legitimize theft

when appreciation was only a fleeting consideration

of what I felt? A glimmer of what could have been?

Or more likely a clever ruse to conceal?



Put up a Parking Lot, Pennsboro Speedway, a Phoenix Rising.

Nestled in the catacombs of our memories lie tragedy and inevitability.   Pennsboro,  WV,  a sleepy town of almost 1,200 people is stirring, pushing for new life to an old habit.   A secure place with it’s own particular history and a populace not floundering with the future but embracing it.    Not a parking lot or apartment complex but a resounding family affair,  apparent and growing.

Every Autumn has it’s flourish and the long hard and cold Decembers seem so lonely and desperate.   Hedging next year as profoundly more important than past and yet feeling that some person in a high place with a well-kept lawn sees no use.   No reason to deal with the noise (in the middle of nowhere- basically) and for a few votes suppressing a good thing.

The good people of the past feel a particular melancholy,  with the sounds of mechanics tools and a desperate driver preparing for a feature uncertain of it’s end.   Wives and children sit silently as drivers don helmets and safety restraints.    The sound from the PA system alerts drivers to go to the staging area and so it goes.

Not many are paid except maybe feature payouts for a lucky few and the money and time spent getting it right and knowing that if you do not get more sponsors it may be over anyway.

Anyhow,  that is next week’s problem or next year or whatever.   The track is dry or maybe too wet but somehow the job gets done and it is time to race,  inspite of everything.    But in the lonely dell at the edge of the treeline sits people ready for action.    Tomorrow will come by and by.

People who are proud and proud of the flag,  bowing reverently with hand over heart and a prayer for the safety of all.   It is a special night.   Another night celebrating the sacrifce of Veterans and active duty types. That and first responders,  heroes in any regard.






Like at many tracks pictures and accounts are numerous but when they are not and when older fans and drivers want to think back on those days and the joys they brung then these stories and photos bring that back for awhile.    I will enclose a couple links so that you can see more of this great history of this track and remember sponsors because ultimately these sponsors and investors are needed to keep a track going.




This facebook account above you can regard as a portal to all things related to Pennsboro Speedway and Fairgrounds.    They will keep you posted on events and initiatives for the track.



I have worked on around 100 radio stations as a broadcaster and Meteorologist and I have seen a few tracks come and go and includes tracks like Hales Corner Speedway,  USA International in Lakeland,  Fairgrounds Speedway (Tampa),  Golden Gate Speedway and a few others and I hate that.   The tracks that remain face issues of rainouts,  selling out to new owners and I can guarantee you this,  that the people of Nazareth dirt and the tri-oval were  back.  There are some things that matter and to the racing community this is literally life and death.     Non-fans and politicians may not see the intrinsic good in a race facility but it is more than a sport.    It is an event and culturally invaluable.

Doctors confirm: Use of flesh-eating opioid drug krokodil is spreading in U.S.

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Doctors confirm: Use of flesh-eating opioid drug krokodil is spreading in U.S. (via Raw Story )

It’s official: Krokodil has reached the United States, and doctors say it’s posing a real threat. The extremely addictive, injectable opioid is made by mixing codeine with some combination of gasoline, paint thinner, iodine, kitchen and bathroom…

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Justin Ward - Hirams

Hirams Lightning Sprints

A picture of Justin Ward’s #8 Sprint car reminded me of someone I know whose color scheme is very close to Ward’s.  This curiosity compelled me to look at the Hirams Lightning Sprint series but also noted they are not microsprints per se but a 1,000cc 4 cylinder division with Japanese motores.

The Hiram Sprints race at five different tracks and the rules for the division are listed on the site,  so please check out the page and websites.    http://www.hiramslightningsprints.org/results—standings.html.

One of the best things about short track racing is that you can find these kinds of programs in most states and these drivers and tracks have sponsors,  so please check them out too and patronize the many businesses  and say, “Thanks” to the drivers and everyone else who make these events possible.

I mentioned earlier the similarity between Justin Ward’s car and my friend who races 410 Sprints in Pittsburgh and nationally at the Sprint Car Hall-of-Fame in Knoxville,  Iowa.    Sprint car racing is sprint car racing and the Hirams series is a quality circuit at quality tracks,  so give it a try.

Justin Ward - HiramsEdCharlotte513

The wings may be different sizes and the engines but the spirit and dedication remains the same.

Race Tracks

Cherry Raceway

​8649 E. M113

Fife Lake, MI 49633

Track Info: www.cherryraceway.com | (231) 468-1477

Berlin Raceway

2060 Berlin Fair Dr.

Marne, MI 49435

Track Info: www.berlinraceway.com | (616) 677-5000

Crystal Motor Speedway

8315 Sidney Road

Crystal, MI 48818

Track Info: www.crystalmotorspeedway.com | (989) 235-5200

​​Merritt Speedway

​4430 East Houghton Lake Road
Lake City, MI. 49651

​Track Info: www.merrittspeedwaymi.com  |  231-328-7223

Tri City Raceway

85 W Wheeler Rd.

Auburn, MI 48611

​Track Info: www.tricityracetrack.com | (989) 316-6804

The all Michigan series have their stars put on a very good show and with the popularity of sprints growing it is no wonder judging by the competition here.


There are also the local shows at each track including Late Models,  Modifieds and Sprints and the ever present regular stocks  —   a fan favorite.

Box Car racingDSC_8769-800x535



Bradley Poor 148 BP 1