Hero comes standard

Men in uniform are often described as serious, strict, firm and dangerous , but I would describe him as the sweetest, most gentle and most loving person that every woman would wish to have… My friend, my confidante, my hero, my soldier, the love of my life…

I remember signing up.  Leaving from a bus stop in Syracuse as my sister cried.  The war that was raging had slowed to a simmer and was ending.    That didn’t stop hippies and such for spitting on us.  Nor did it escape my notice when people called my dad, a baby killer.   My dad was an Air Force Recruiter.    I also saw firsthand what the war did to many of my friends.   It was kind of like Cheech and Chong’s.  ‘Up in Smoke’.   The military knew that this was coming full circle.  Them sending boys to die while politicians played their games.

Today as I tour the VA hospital,  I see the brokenness and yet a pride that was certainly in low supply during the mid 70s.   And I am not happy when I hear the term ‘gook’.   Even though the men went through hell,  and were taught to kill.  Too often innocents were slain after being hosed by our own troops.  Too many experience exploding babies and women boobytrapped by their own men or VietCong soldiers.   The women raped by both sides of Vietnam and pictures of kids running naked through the streets naked and in terror.  I am sure we never experience that kind of hell for our own children.  That is why we defend our country even though politicians have our blood on their hands.

And don’t think it doesn’t happen in peace time,  In 1981,  Ramstein was bombed by the Bader Meinhof gang and trust me,  collateral damage was not even considered with these acts of terrorism.

Working in the command post and donning chemical warfare gear,  it was a stark reminder of people like Stalin and Hitler and the sociopathic villains of today.   So much water has ran under the bridge.   Countless families mourn even today,  while some protest at funerals of today’s fallen soldier.   Trust me when I tell you this,  but a warrior does not want to kill anyone,  except those maniacs who like inflicting pain.

We are cognizant that they too have families,  so unless they are purely evil,  we get it.   They want to see  to see their kids too and most love them just as much as we do ours.

Just remember,  we didn’t star the fire.

Pop Corn Shrimp & Manners

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”  ~Eric Hoffer

Last night I was sleeping in my car (because I am a homeless vet) and all of a sudden I woke up and there was a man leaning up against my driver’s side door smoking a cigarette.  To say I was startled and confused was an understatement and so I tapped on the window loudly and asked what he was doing?

I am sure he was genuinely startled but come on,  that is my car and you are leaning on it and I do not know you.   My parents would have yelled at me just for touching another person’s car and if the owner yelled at me they would have said, “what do you expect,  you shouldn’t be doing that.    I told him that I was a vet with PTSD and he startled me.

His response to get all loud and obnoxious,  a trait he is probably used to and gets away with.    I wanted to get out and confront him face to face but thought better of it.   Not because I was scared but this could have gotten out of hand.   I do not know him or his cohorts but the situation was fluid and I did not wanted a ride in a squad car.    He even said something about getting my butt whipped and again that urge to go out there and act menacing.   Again my frontal cortex indicated this would not end well.

He eventually boarded the bus and it left and I was just laying there hoping he wasn’t going to start some kind of riot.    A decent human being would have apologized for startling me and for leaning on my car.   But no!!  This is the Jerry Springer generation where rude behavior gets you a silver star and $10,000 cash.

So what has gone so terribly wrong in this country?  Why do people expect a pass over totally ignorant and rude behavior?   And I do not believe in situational ethics.   Wrong is wrong no matter what color the package and yes,  he was black.   And there is nothing wrong in bringing that up,  because I see it, our society has sat on our hands and said nothing.

What does this do?  Well it rewards a bad behavior and perverts common courtesy and relegates it to the dung heap of ‘old school ideas’.    Many whites are afraid to complain because they are afraid.  I didn’t serve my country nor my black brothers who feel the same way I do.

But who is teaching our kids ‘right values’?    Acting ghetto is not a way to get a job where employers will summarily excuse a thug and hire a person with some moral compass.   It kind of reminds me of a kid who has an older brother and whenever the kid harasses another person he hides behind his big brother when he started it.   Bullying!

How are we to teach our kids to be nice when adults do not?  When did we stop being decent and showing deference to age,  or disability?    I wonder if his mother would have been proud of him?   I seriously doubt that,  because most working blacks would either roll their eyes or just turn away.

For this to change we need the schools to teach right values and right values are not determined by being black or harkening back to the Jim Crowe era.  Adults of children should not be afraid to stand for something.   Be proud of living here and extending every courtesy possible and stop cheering bad behavior on shows like Maury and Springer and ladies who fight and flash for the audience.

Just entertainment?  No,  we need to stop that too.  It have come about that society is reflecting art.   That shock is preferable to consideration and putting each other down an art form.

We can do this.   Like Patrick Swayze said in ‘Roadhouse’,  just be nice!


Ham and the Meth Head

I added my two cents which are random and I am no expert but at the heart of this is a human being. A young woman whose life will never be the safe and she should get sympathy and empathy for the struggle by people who have been there and done that.


Lori Ericson, Author

As a reporter, I usually hated making the cop run. It’s when reporters go to the police station to gather a tally on who was arrested, what accidents occurred and what reports of interest have been filed. It’s dealing with the real underbelly of society, but at times interesting.

Years ago, I was taking notes as an officer for the Springdale Police Department was explaining why a woman had been charged with a crime for purchasing the ingredients to make meth. He listed off items she had bought at the local Wal-Mart. They included things like lighter fluid, pseudoephedrine and other ridiculous things the drug-addicted will mix together for the crazy concoction.

As he neared the end of the list, I heard from behind a shout, “Don’t forget the ham.”

I ignored it, but she said it again.

“Don’t forget the ham.”

The woman was handcuffed to the bench when…

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