Nothing but ‘conundrums’,  tactile songs of life,  hurt and death.   Mutilated dreams.  A side ward leap (of all kinds).   Brushing our teeth,  falling hair,  and the snowfall that comes or not.    Happy with changes,  chains of our own devices and external visages.  Looking in the mirror is not a vision of validation, but a portrait of someone else.

No cat cries or the crows feet that becomes whatever we wish  them to be.   Hills and valleys with slow-leaking dreams,  that are shuttered, squared and soon forgotten.  Past lives and artist pallets smeared by the weight of philosophy and the cottony clouds of faith.  God as fast-food or a mooring point of transcendental being.  Like a train going faster downhill, and the clambering effort to find ourselves,  between tragedy and a still pond.  Heights and Success and a   Frisbee, thrown from a rooftop, like a drone with no purpose falling to the ground, eschewing the literal from autism s.

Finally the Borealis Rainbows, a taciturn goblin, shedding Peacock wings, like a cat’s meow.  I blow by stops, I raise above the ether into orbit, rising from antiquity, with a somber soliloquy and beds of finality,. with shocks and snares of frightful stares.  Epic in peace, painfulness no more.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”
Elie Wiesel

Mistakes, comas and period.  The end

Forever gone.

Larry Olson….

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Everyone keeps telling me that time heals all wounds, but no one can tell me what I’m supposed to do right now. Right now I can’t sleep. It’s right now that I can’t eat. Right now I still hear his voice and sense his presence even though I know he’s not here. Right now all I seem to do is cry. I know all about time and wounds healing, but even if I had all the time in the world, I still don’t know what to do with all this hurt right now.”
Nina Guilbeau, Too Many Sisters

Truly Thankful

Find some hope, put away the toys and self-destruction.

Two Angels and a Black Dog

For me, the Christmas and New Year season is about taking stock and being grateful for what is in my life.

For many years this seemed a hollow task: I had my life, I had material necessities and then some: I didn’t want my life. I found it difficult to appreciate the material (such as adequate shelter, food, clothing) although I knew I was lucky in the scheme of things. Thanks to the support of Mum and Dad I have never experienced poverty or ever been without any human contact or support.

Times change. This year it is easy to be grateful. I have a healthy and happy daughter who always gets me out of bed with a purpose. My beautiful Blackie is still enjoying life despite cancer, and I cherish the time I have with him.

My beautiful Blackie is still enjoying life despite cancer, and I cherish the…

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Carrie Fisher: Icon, celebrity and human

That chases me around too.

Two Angels and a Black Dog

Reading Hannah Jane Parkinson’s heartfelt tribute to Carrie Fisher in the Guardian meant I finally get celebrity advocacy of mental health. Sometimes I’ve felt celebrities have used mental health issues to excuse any kind of behaviour, whether they really have a diagnosable illness or not (I’m sure many do), while the rest of us have to do our time in the real world of unforgiving judgement.

Hannah portrayed a very different picture. A woman who’s life was constantly on display, and who determined her own record, not only for her benefit but for the benefit of others with bipolar. A woman who is lauded as an icon in a gold bikini – but is so much more: an actor “for a long list of performances… the writer of …books.. prolific script consultant…mental health lover… eccentric tweeter,  mother, storyteller.” (Parkinson, 2016)

Carrie gave words of inspiration and encouragement to…

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Why Japan’s Air Force failed

Awesome story here. Appreciate and what you do here.

Pacific Paratrooper

Aircraft carrier IJN Kasagi, 1945 Aircraft carrier IJN Kasagi, 1945

From an article written by Shahan Russell

According to Osamu Tagaya, Japan was doomed to lose WWII.  A writer for the Smithsonian, Tagaya’s father was an officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), so he should know.

Like the other Axis powers, Japan wasn’t prepared for a long war. But just as Germany became overconfident because of the Spanish Civil War, so Japan felt the same because of victories against Russia and China.

What both lacked, however, was the superior manpower, greater industrial capacities, and vast resources that the US and Britain had. The Japanese government knew this, but had gambled on a short war and had badly underestimated the Allied response to their aggression.

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero

Tagaya takes it a step further by pointing out the tactical and political weaknesses that doomed Japan. The government didn’t control the Armed Forces, so couldn’t effectively…

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For my friend.

lucinda E Clarke

Please will you re-blog this post for me? Yes, I know you’ve not read it yet, but I really, really want to get the word out.

In January I plan to start a new monthly newsletter which will contain the back story to Amie before she went to Africa and the lives of other characters in the trilogy. The first one recounts a major event in Ben’s life which I think you will find both fascinating and interesting. This will only ever appear in my newsletter and never be posted anywhere else.

There will also be early notice of price drops and promos and I will feature and promote books by other authors – so, if you’d like to be included, please contact me.

Most important of all, I will be giving you updates on the full story of the court case as Amie sues me with the intention of…

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Rape Culture. 102c – If I were the king!

Not too long ago,  we had two national cases of jurisprudence gone astray.  Two victims that were piled onto, by deceptive judges with ulterior motives.  Twenty years and ninety days are totally unacceptable.  If those morons (judges) had to experience anal penetration,  these kinds of cases would be different.    Not only that but a national push to get those sain kits processed.   This is a problem and that is unacceptable as well.

The response that the attacker is being treated unfairly is laughable,  if it weren’t so sad.  But let us transcend dogma and emotions.  If anything,  shield the victim from intimidating stares in the courts,   giving justice to the victim and life sentences to the Perpetrator.

Unfairness to attackers makes me want to hurl,  but reaction is not enough. Early education that stresses equality and the respect of women.  Why are racial epithets more egregious than terms like slut, whore and tramp?    To add insult to injury,  the male pissing on a victim, was given twenty years and crocodile tears.  No way mitigation should be given to men.

All women are beatific regardless of weight, social station and of course,  the pulchritude of the soul.  Let’s give love  to the honor of our sweet young girls and beautiful older women.   The waves of misogyny roll in like a tsunami.   The aftermath that keeps on giving as the waves of indifference and arrogance pile up like the evening tide.  A woman’s right to happiness is an afterthought,  while perps plan other attacks.

On a lighter note,  listen to the song and the suffering that all souls experience.  Let’s find a little bit  of compassion and common sense.  Morrisette Amon.  Let’s keep our hearts open.   All rights reserved by Wish 107.5.