OK, Enough! Let’s Dance/Sing!


Reaction Videos Must watch,  for the reactions

If Hubris had a name it would have the moniker ‘Corruption”.  But let me address people here, but before I forget,  I am having a difficult time.  Seizures can be attributed to the Manic Depression.  It doesn’t matter what I eat or sleep.   I had seriously entertained calling it a ‘life’.   That said,  my cats are like a bridge over troubled waters.

This is sick…   All Filipino.  Listen people react from all the all around the world, reacting to these songs.



“Music is a higher revelation
than all wisdom and philosphy.
Music is the electrical soil
in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”
~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~

My cats give me a sense of what life is all about.   I stutter  and hiccup  jigsawed speech.  Today an incident reminded of the Tonic-Clonic Seizure on Jan 2015.   So, if there are points, that my mind is mentally wandering,  you know why.  Some days are great and too many not very good.  I was manic when I saw the Dr.  I was prescribed mood stabilizers but not really working yet.   Major Depression,  seeing and hearing things and the steady Mania that clouds my mind.

But this is not what this blog is about.  What it is about, is what makes us  shine and brings joy to our hearts.   It is about common threads,  that swirl and gives us a heads up, about our spiritual connections.   I want to eschew hyperbole and dance around the circle like muses waiting to be connected.

Music is such a vehicle,  speeding like a comet across the Northern Lights,  lifting spirits and dancing like ABBA.  Music is like string theory,  with a million microscopic worlds, waiting to unite us.

I imagine one day, that science will literally be put upon it’s head.   No more wantoness,   no more twinkie food for the oppressed.  No matter the difficulty,  music is our MUSE.  We share the passion,  feel it’s warmth, and is commodious with peace.  Hubris exits out the back door.   Music is peace.   Promoting equality and offering hope to the benighted.

“Music does bring people together.
It allows us to experience the same emotions.
People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.
No matter what language we speak, what color we are,
the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith,
music proves: We are the same.”
~ John Denver ~


The Cat Stole the Cradle

The Cat’s On The Table. My cat arrived just the other day, it wanted to eat and it wanted to play.

Cat on the tablecats2cats3

It was big enough that it could jump, it jumped on the table in an unusual way.  With all four feet in the flower vase it lept to the counter with agility and grace. She meowed at me and said with a smile can you do that and I said, “not by a mile.

She meowed at me when she fell of the stool she hit her head and began to drool. I said that was funny when she came to but I need to go off to the blasted zoo, when I got there, there she was flirting with a big red cock-a-too.

She meowed and said with a smile, Do you want to ride on a croc, I said not right now because I am on the clock.And as I swept out the Lion’s cage, my cat looked at me in a puzzled way.

She asked me, if I liked big cats and I said, ” not when they are behind me, not when they’re behind me.


And before I knew it the Lion crept up

it was behind me now, because I felt it’s breath.


I said to my cat, what do I do? She told me, that she didn’t know, but do I have fresh litter and plenty of food?  She said that with a cavalier tude.

The cats on the table and it is sleeping now it is snoring with the baby and I don’t know how.

But before I knew it, the big cat burped, my cat began to smile . My cat began to smile.

kitty 1Kitty2