These Are The Moments!!

By now everyone knows what the good days were and to many these will be the ‘goods ole days’.  The way we assure this continuing is sharing our passions and just because we do,  does not mean they will feel the same way.

We are the object of our own very wrath.  We try to make things understandable based on things that have no relevance,.    To a Jew facing total extermination it is indeed an unbearable weight.    The acrimony towards them was fashioned rather carefully and yet near the end,  the Russians raped womven of all ages.   There is no justification in that.   My best man and good friend was a German Jew.   His existence was that he was fortunate but not so immersed that hyperbole was accepted at face value.

I lived in Germany as a German and I respected their legacies,  some good and some very wrong.   An 18 year old boy is looking to be laid.   He wants to detach her panties and sell her soul.   For the honest,  the decrees are true but the player wrecks havoc upon the spiritually loved.     She and he are a product  of hormones and they fight the demons of lust in a very unfortunate way.    Her vagina speaks a different language and even takes for granted any possible tears.

The legacy of women’s slavery is played out in shades,  where a woman’s lust in an abomination but David was forgiven.  Why?  Because our patriarchal mindset enslaves women and subjects them to a life of servitude.   Her intelligence and compassion become sublimated by writ of politician.

Parochial feminism is a one-trick pony where abortion becomes a litmus and neither side wants to bend.   Neither care of the baby and go so far as to call the baby a fetus.   As a  scientist I fell violated as politician mold public opinion.

In the end,  future generations will find some of our ideas as archaic and women as being subservient angels with big breasts,   enhanced by hormones that men say are irrational.    Is the father helping to raise that child extreme?    Many conservatives would have you believe.   As a man I love pussy and I know my girlfriend loves dick.   This is NOT pornography but reality.    Where hormones shape our perceptions and love stories become reality in a life that yearns for love but settles for  sex only.



Why do liberals think they know it all?

Okay before we get started here children let me clarify a few things.    I am liberal in the sense that people come first.   If this means Unemployment Insurance,  food stamps and a reform to our judicial system in regards to imprisonment make me a RHINO than so be it.   But to be honest with you my friends I do not believe in Mickey Mouse.    Mickey speaks the Queen’s English.   Mickey says and does what is he feels will please the Queen.

Let me be frank,  I know for example that John Cena and the rest of the steroid bunch are essentially actors.    I give John a break since he does do a lot in the community and there is a possibility he might not do steroids.    But I always root for the bad guys.   The dopey idol acolytes actually believe most of it,  though they say they don’t.

Now we can include politics in this.  I believe in my fellow man and trust me,  I do know what suffering is about.   I do know what it feels to be in line awaiting a free meal.   I know what it is like to see a veteran shamed for being there.    As a veteran myself I wanted to beat down that Durham Police Officer for acting like a man,  looking like a man and putting down another Veteran because he was standing in the middle of the aisle.   Her countenance was total bullshit.   I hope she runs this scam against a hostile thug who gets her.

Any person can be poor and it is sad that they think they actually deserved to be rich or otherwise privilege.  They would be the first to say they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.   They teach those wannabe veterans that they inherently superior to even the most decadent drug user.   The only difference is this they have police colors in lieu of jailhouse orange jumpsuits.

What???   She don’t look like a crackhead to me!   And who really does, right?  So maybe this superstar baseball player can be one of those unwashed miscreants?  Oh yeah they are not as good as you are,  really?     Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden  shown below.   Are you better than he is?  NO!!!   You just think you are.

I watch these shows on Cops,  Jail.  etc and I applaud when the police version of the crackhead goes rogue.    It could be them and then it is.   What ever happened to protect and serve?  The LEO should be saying,   yes sir and no sir,  until the client is actually impeding justice and this doesn’t include soccer moms who ran a red light.    This is why these so-called LEOs are put into protective custody.    FYI,  Most there to protect and serve and for those who abuse we will judge you more harshly  if you put your need to someone’s head.   A person who is already down.   Do you do that to your wives?

I am a Vietnam-era.   You non-vet police officers have nothing on me.   You can take down a 95 lb housewife but I am going to put you in your place.   You may put me in my place at the time but I will make sure that Corcoran will be your future.    Check your  packages gentlemen.

Now those of you who bust good officers chops,   you get what you deserve and if you hurt an LEO you are fair game.      You hurt an innocent and all bets are off.    Donating 5 dollars to some Sheriff’s Association,  does not give you a pass?   Are we clear.  I am sure Wally cheating at shuffleboard is important to you but it is not to me and it certainly not to an LEO with a family to feed.  He is one of us in that case.

Now for you liberals.   Many of you are panty-waste.   You are the ones who got kicked out of basic and think you are veteran.   You’re not.   Even pond scum have a higher place in the food chain.   For any of you that abuse a woman or child just shut up.

But rubbing two nickels together and throw them into a wishing well does not make you a community activist.    Like the blacks in Chicago that excoriated this administration the real proof is in outcomes.  And gang-members screw yourself because your holding us all back.   White,  black,  Asian and Spanish-speaking.

I am picking on liberals here because many only pay lipservice.   They elect based on skin color and then deny toxic leaders that take your more basic freedoms away.  I’ve said this before and I will say it again.   We are equal in God’s sight no matter who you pay homage to.

I am not going to let white, blacks,  latin-speaking or Asians get a pass, if you are an ass you are an ass and I will tell you so.



The Age of Intolerance, We are there!

Tolerance implies a gratuitous assumption of the inferiority of other faiths to one’s own    Mahatma Ghandi said that.     Martin Luther King also spoke of acceptance based on our character.    So what is the problem here?   Why is it that we spend so much time paying lip service to tolerance and modifying our stance on relevant issues?

I am a conservative,  former military and believe in our exceptionalism as a nation.   But even before our nation I put the life of one person.    Yes wars do diminish us all and sadly there will be people like Hitler,   Stalin and Mussolini.      I cannot put myself in the place of any parent who sees their daughter raped and the emotions that are soon to follow.

Jadedness,  bitterness and alacrity becomes imprinted on our souls.   We  sense our pain and carry that grief and attack other peoples choices.   I am not talking about child molestation because the anxiety and fear are relatively justifiable.

If I have a superseding value it is that all life is intrinsically valuable.   That means that every single person should have food and housing.   I do not want to hear that a child is expendable because of her parents or for that matter,  divine providence.

In our military we teach fighting and no fear and that seems to entail a brutality to the perceived or declared enemy.   Imagine this scenario but today a child and wife or parent has lost their boy.   Let’s say he is 19 and so is she.   How do we reconcile that loss when the family member hears of the passing of their loved ones?   Remember I made no one the villain because as I see it,  it is the politician who gets to make that judgment.

I have what many may consider ‘liberal ideas’ but to be honest I consider to be humane values according to my beliefs.   It pisses me off when men abuse women in the name of religion.   I am a Christian but it matters not what that belief system is to others.  

The men fore example who stoke the flames of bigotry pontificate about the relative evils of those who voted for President Reagan.    Many cheered and celebrated his death while shedding tears for Ted Kennedy who abandoned a young woman who drowned.   I celebrated neither death nor do I cheer deaths in general.   Even Saddam’s hanging was no victory.   It was the sad conclusion to a monster’s demise.

I do not respect the Muslim religion per se,  but I leave room for the human condition that needs some kind of sacred mooring.   A reason to live or even spread harmony in a world of angst and frustration.   We do hate child molesters and child rapists!   But wait!

That 22 year old woman is part girl but still an adult.   Is she intrinsically less valuable than a 17 year old?   Any tragedy is a tragedy and not by a degree and even though we are angry and shocked we must remember that they too were babies at one time.  What happens next to them predicates how they may respond.   Some of this is genetic.    Some people that appear high or not particularly lucid may be aphasic,  developmentally delayed of brain-damaged in some way.

It is then by proxy that some become monsters and hurt us all.    All of us are children in the spiritual sense and we need to be warriors to protect all people.    And most of us have some form of prejudicial attitudes towards someone or some things.

The field of Neuropsychology is evolving rapidly and understanding the bizarre might give us clues to who may be the next Eileen Wornos or Ted Bundy.    I would think prevention is better than having to execute a person.    I for one would rather have my child alive than proclaiming our outrage.

I also have an issue with the judicial system which is a system of classification of individuals with the bottom-line really dollars.   Yep,   because if you consider a retainer to a lawyer,  court costs and other expenses,   it is a lucrative set-up.    The difference between criminal law and let’s say bankruptcy laws is remarkable.     Likewise cops need to know that a person is innocent until adjudicated as a criminal.

What is a criminal?   Can a person rise about that classification?   No tolerance policies are like the chains that bound Scrooge and Jacob Marley.     The take away point is humanity.   A debtor who cannot pay back his debt suffers.   The family suffers and the parents fight.    Caught in this kind of time tunnel,  scarred children march forwards will little humanity.    We do not ask questions but we need our pound of flesh.

In conclusion we condemn people who are free.    They no longer can get a job and you know they will find a way to survive and unfortunately the range of victims increase.   

I think we need to man/woman-up and draw lines in the sand.    Not for retribution but for compassion and by the way,  most conservatives believe in fairness though they may disagree with each other.

Some heroes to me.   President Reagan for re-instilling hope and pride in our military.   To state clearly how special we are.    President Obama for being the first black president.   President Carter with his work with Habitat for Humanity.    Bob Gibson,  the negro pitcher of the St. Louis Cardinals back in the day.    His savvy and perceptions kept him human.   A private man who had a heart and was singularly focused.    HE IS MY HERO EVEN TODAY!!!!

We had Waymon Tisdale and a country singer who enjoyed the presence of each other.   I guess we need to get off our asses and stop blaming each other for things out of our control.   We should not abuse prisoners because they did awful things but show them what the right thing is.


A w0men

I am a busted clock in a busy airport.   A misfit with lucrative emotions and a mood ring made of platinum.  What does that have to do with anything?  Are you writing a book?  Look I just stopped at the behest of the Stone Temple Pilots and agree that they were just trying to smell her;   I would probably do the same only I would be the object of your desire.   I CAN rub sticks together and ignite passion.   I feed off wantonness and distress.    And I have a big appetite.

I am there when you cagily implore your victims to relent.   Then by rationalism exploit your very weaknesses and appeal to your zen.    Making Girl Scout cookies from play doh..  With that are myriad possibilities with a little fermentation and a whole and the shapes of things to come.   I will take credit for the good and blame you for the bad.   Yeah I will steal your hanging chads.   I will take those bits of contraband and let it disappear by my hand.

In my fish bowl are bubbles.   They signal life and resiliency buoyed by contemplation and a silent fomentation of our baser imaginations.   I am a double helix with horns.   A transient being breathing gold dust and harboring jaded souls.    I convince to bomb innocent people and then promise you a hit as long as you pay taxes and do as I say.

Don’t worry about watching your words because I’ve heard it all before that every hallways have a mysterious door.   Portals of evanesced fury languish in the heart and I cull resentment and foment chaos.

I am a product of my environment as the excuse often goes.    A person above me who wants to see me fail.   They are like a decaying frost,  a hydra with ethereal dreams and a constipated heart.



The Wind, The Wand and a Rainbow.

One day while building my rainbow the wind picked up and shot my colors everywhere.   It had a square chin and a medal,  a tin soldier with a spray can,  graffiti towards violence.  The Skittles pinged off the streets careening past and towards the gutters that always seem to attract the unwanted.

Those rainbows were chemically induced,  flowers of a kind and all sorts of hues.   Why there were shopping carts full of Oleanders and crab grass and shattered pictures in bent frames.   Some people called it art while others sold tickets to  a show called faith and amens and the shriek of elder attendees keeping the young minstrels in check.

Fawn eyed psychopaths with hearts as rough as a brillo pad tell the sick and wanting there is a place for them.   Where colors are arranged in Crayon box and to be used with caution.      Not with my Lavender crayon will you use for it is a special instrument.    One too powerful for those of us do not understand.   The critics do Broadway and sign autographs for a show that ends up on late at night and no one is sure if it really aired.

The end of this rainbow spilled silently like lava and running off to lakes,  ponds and oceans to be rained upon us,  again and again.


There was a boy in high school who was terribly mistreated.   He was born of incest and was severely disfigured.   One afternoon at lunch some of the kids were throwing pennies on the floor and watching him grovel.   He was so poor.   He was useless to them so I told them to stop hurting him and I gave him a dollar.   And hugged him.   I hope you are okay Chuckie!   I am so sorry for what they did.

Chuckie did not wanted to be born in that situation and the problem these days (even more so) is there are fewer people trying to defend the meek and virtually unwanted.    Eighty year old women wander the streets and I wonder where her kids are.   There is absolutely no reason for that,  even if that had grandchildren or great grandchildren to help.

I have often head comments to the effect that should stop ‘fucking’  because they are poor and I go off on anyone who says that.   I remind them they are not born because they chose to be born or where.    The Wheel of Fortune  was fortunate that day and it probably spun the next soul into the wormhole of reality.


This is reality not some imagined sleight by an ignorant asshole.   I would love to bitch slap those morons.    You use a Master Card or a Visa for ruby red lip stick or a case of Viagra.     Local news want you to think they actually care but people such as Cantore is self-promoting in a machismo effort to make you believe he is looking out for us.   What a laugh?   Like Benny Hinn and his hair piece plying dollars for unwitting and lonely.  The only wrong with many is a lack of hope.

Even TV has changed with many variations of misbehavior staged for our amusement because they say that is what we want?   Hey the Beverly Hillbillies poked fun at themselves while in Living Color parodied everyone and they gave the middle finger to the Politically Correct.    Shows of that nature seem to poke fun at themselves.   Not a white male or the redneck.    That term outside the trailer parks is meant in a way that just drives the knife deeper.

But that is my rant for tonight.   I am a bald-headed curmudgeon with milky eyes and frostbitten feet.    I look for an oasis to share with my naked and beautiful wife on an island.    I want a lot of grapes and maybe a dose of whip cream strategically placed.   I want to find a reason why we in that situation and never leave that place.    But I guess how can we know what pleasure feels like without some pain?

So I am clueless to whether poor Chuckie will ever know or care what has happened to him.   Maybe his bliss is more serene than our own.   All I know is you do NOT cast pennies to the hurting because those few pennies represent your soul.


Totally off the Wall

I am a razorblade on your sink top.  You see me in the reflection in the mirror and your wrists ache at my site.   I sit there gleaming with many sharp edges knowing my use can be one that makes you sexually appealing or the dark and with arousal you lift me and then with short strokes you apply me.

My razor has teeth in many rows and my friend the straight razor thinks I am a fad but I tell you this,  I go back to school to learn how to shave you close painlessly.    There are places that I go that I rather prefer like a visitor with benefits but unable to close the deal.

But I am happy for now because I know,   I get to touch the softest places in a carnal sense.   You see my friends I have my place,   next to you.


Skin upon skin we feel each other.   A private tenderness that is enhanced by my sharpness.  

Foghorn Says read, ‘White Oleander’.

Now you know your friend Foggy can be froggy.    I am a degenerate Rooster with a wry sense of humor and I now sport a fanny pack.   Note,  but your own fanny pack.   Anyhow I digress.   On a serious note this book is good!   How good,   Oprah narrated the CD and I highly recommend that because her reading is gripping.

Though her mother is narcissistic,  intelligent and extremely beautiful she condemns her sweet 10 year old Astrid to a life of horrors.  You see the kid was strikingly beautiful and innocent too.  She was buying her mom’s self-love but the result ended up being a bunch of scars.

As her mother was arrested for murdering a Hollywood writer.    Her method of death was the administration of White Oleander through a chemical medium.   Her mom played in the movie was Michelle Pfeiffer,  a woman who most men would drool over.  

Astrid the child was imaginative.   She was as beautiful as her mom but she pretty much suffered the same fate.   The narrative is really about the suffering of a young girl.   At any age when  most children are becoming aware of crude nuances of life,   she was battling jealous kids who loathed her beauty and her relative toughness.

Her first trauma was a children’s home where she was hurt often but still with the strength of her mother’s imaginings was able to mitigate the horrors of abuse,  both intended and unintended.  Parts of Astrid started to die.   The innocence was raped by a system that allowed Foster Parents free reign.   Starving kids until the kids acted out.   It is much as an indictment of Foster Homes and Adoptive Parents.

Astrid’s unflinching love of her mother and her rapturous adoration begun to wilt.   As her sexuality grew it caused a major conflict that led to a very hard time for the girl just barely a teenager.   That is the time when the little girl had sexual relations with an older man.

Things always seemed to go from bad to worse.   Her one saving grace was her articulation through art.   I will not give away too much of the story but the book was great,  the reading by Oprah outstanding and the movie falls way short.   Then again how do you capture seven years of abuse by the system with a mini-series.

The show also walks one through innocence to compromises and one feels angry and jaded that this kind of thing really goes on but I know it does.

Case in point,  while my daughter was in elementary school a certain foster mom had like ten foster children.   The mother dressed in jewels,  fine clothes and expensive cars while the children actually went hungry.   The teachers felt so bad and when the teachers fed the kids the mother went off on the teachers.

Teachers in my mind do a lot more than have kids color.    Many kids are being abused by the parents,  foster parents and even the system.   It is a lonely,  painful and sad trip through the mind of an extraordinary baby girl with the mind of a savvy adult.

A compelling aspect is the story of survival.   My girlfriend and I watched this movie a few times in the theatre.   I can tell you this,  she was a former runaway and almost wise beyond her years.   But this kind of suffering does that.   And I was privy to things that broke my heart and made me an advocate for women.  

None-the-less,  Please read this wonderful book and if you can listen to the audio version.

   As a man I wept for her and the soundtrack is orchestral and haunting but it hammers home the point that there are many sick and disgusting people who hurt the hearts of the innocent.