The Continued Abuse in Psychiatry


At the end of the day,  does my opinion really matter?  Does yours?   If I elect not have to a procedure,  especially like ECT,  are our rights suborned?   Why should we ‘appreciate’ ‘consent’ to an ‘opinion’?  That ‘appreciation’ is nothing more than ‘coercion’.   It is falderol.

But since we cannot ‘appreciate’ the boogey-man in a 2,000 dollar suit,  we can appreciate the temerity of these bubble-butt assclowns.     It kind of like the Unknown Comic.  You know there is a real person  (problem)behind the mask.  Only in this instance, we ‘got’ the comedy.   In the real sense we don’t see his face,  but we pretend that we do.

Mental health is a joke.   Outside/inside the stigmata persists.  Crazy people who act crazy.  Say it’s not so!!!   But stick in our butt,  a chemical restraint.  Followed by a caring goon with a tooth-pick, in his teeth and the jeering and condescending leers.

Outside the institutions,  the bricks are well-kempt,  while inside the tears of a hundred years-polemically disagree.  Rights are taken and given.  Point systems in a waxing and waning tennis match.  There is no ‘Love’,  there is no acquiecence,  but a caged-tiger existing temporally in a world of locks and conditional progresses.

You see innocence corrupted.    You see criminality and insanity as one.  The half-way houses are half corrupted.  Conditional releases, as they say,  “come back soon they say”.

I want my shoes!  Now!   The gates repress and pro-long.  They are constant reminders of the loss of dignity,   while dungeon dignitaries remain,  free.

Consent?  Huh?  a mole can dig a hole.  It can undermine the language into a skrit

Anoka Mental Hospital,  circa 2016

The state’s second-largest mental hospital put vulnerable patients in danger by violating basic procedures designed to ensure individualized treatment and safe medical care, according to a federal review.

As a result, Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center put its crucial federal funding at risk.

Young patients are denigrated as they stand before Peter Pan with a needle in their handsto keep the patients at bay.  They graduate to crayons and see the suicidal faint and fade away.

Isolation,  seclusion,  medications and intimidation ARE used as punishments!  These are the default positions of staff.   These are the binds that blind us.

[ and there are regulations and laws that supercede this.  The Patient Bill of Rights that  are in place for protection.  These ARE rights!  Not a template,  not a suggestion but law.

“We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.” – Walter Anderson

And these protections do not end there.  Point systems used by staff or Hospital therapy are inherently wrong, enabling abuse by staff.    The patient in many cases is unable to contact family or friends and that  is also in the Patient Bill of Rights.

Shock Therapy?  It is safe?  Or are the sedatives not remembering the pain that they assist in.  Don’t do it!  Do not enable,  do not capitulate.  Together we can try to 40d7c599ea8f74f714c83eef1250872c.jpgalleviate the decent souls,  held in and by a cabal of goblins.