Crystal Chandaliers – A word about abuse.

Is there any singular victim in this crime?   Is a woman any more credible than a man?  Especially one who spent most of their childhood protecting his mom?    Some women (Belle Jar) thinks she is the only victim and that men can not  be a part of that abuse?    But what is the point to all of this?

She lives the part of a perpetual victim.    Her aim is not to rectify the problems but to show how brave she is.    To marginalize men ad hoc is to deny a powerfully ally.    Besides her voice rings no louder than any other woman’s.   That is bold and disrespectful to my mom,  her three boys and her two girls.

We were taught to respect women even if those around us did not.  Some young lady with a chip on her shoulder treats us as if we are Hitler and that her understanding transcends all men,   women and children.    She is a self-indulgent child with a victim’s mindset.  One that she will not let go of.

As a five-year old I saw my mom abused.    The death threat she suffered still resonates today but because Miss Jar thinks she is special she marginalizes my pain and says I do not understand.    She has a cadre of acolytes who enable her dysfunctional behavior.    Like a petulant child with candy-rotted teeth she hurls acrimony as if she was the Queen of Misery.    And weak men who are at best subservient play along.   All I can say, is beware of them.   They are the frog on a scorpion’s backside.

I do believe I have a story and it’s theme is inclusive.    This Belle Jar entity insults all men and puts all men in her narrowly defined sphere.      I do not support man-hate anymore than misogyny.   But hers is to make herself the mouth piece of abused women everywhere.  

I cannot say that my abuse was any worse than her own,  because that would be at best, presumptuous. 


Weather Report 3/1/2014

Here is North Carolina the skies are generally fair at this hour for the Piedmont (Greensboro-Winston-Salem).    Radar indicates some precipitation near W-S but as this area approaches our area expect perhaps freezing rain and perhaps a mixture.    Any precipitation will be minimal because a relative lack of moisture (50%),   Weakening Low Pressure and Adiabatic drying on the Leeside of the mountains west of W-S.

What looked to be a very vigorous Low over the Missouri is now hardly a disturbance although surface observations reveal a low circulation.  It is possible that a trof may develop but without significant moisture moving in it is doubtful.   The weekend over Central NC should be pretty nice with a few significant wind gusts and chill factors making outside activities brisk and cold.

Currently our Temperatures are just below freezing at 31 degrees F.

The next system will find it’s way into our area by Monday sometime but because winds will be warmer the humidity will increase and with FROPA (Frontal Passage) there may be enough upward vertical motion to induce some precipitation.   Rain chances of 60% might be overstating the precipital water of this Airmass.    So this forecast has a lot of uncertainty and the MOS Computer Model is a little higher on precip at 80% and usually matters.  At East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa showed moisture moving in from the south but there was no rain and the Daytona Beach Radar indicated clear skies.

The next day was uneventful because the airmass was cold and dry.  The day before the best I can figure was a temperature inversion caused subrefraction which caused a false echo.  This is best illustrated with the MARFA front in Texas commonly a dry line.

Continental US (NHEM) Sector Infrared

Will watch that area as it moves into the area around 10am Eastern Time on Saturday.  Let the games begin.