I Started to Smoke (A Joke) Bee Gees.

This is a takeoff on a song,  a humorous interlude into irony.  As it is,  I totally missed the boat while they were all alive.   Instead I saw them as chessie during the ‘Stayin Alive’ days of Disco.   I was too fixated on the hairstyles and their clothes and those silly ‘ooooooh hoooos’.   That stuff drove me insane and women were the most likely to do it.   That was also a time when Big Hair was making it’s appearance and Boy George flamed his way into our lives and we mostly got what he was about.  Creativity.

So recently,  I heard the song again.  There was something ethereal about it.   In fact,  Robin Gibb brought that song to life as if he were still young again and the fact that some said he looked really bad,  I still saw his inner beauty and strength.   It was at that point that the light went on.  I thought,  he should still be alive.   That his brother had to pick up the pieces and How Do You a Broken Heart took on greater significance.

So,  my attempt here is humor and not an affront to sensitivity,    It may just be just the opposite.  In kidding around with the lyrics  that I add to the legacy and their greatness.   When it is all said and done,  they were magic and are sorely missed.   I sing their songs daily.  It is stuck in my mind and it is not a bad thing.

Here are my lyrics and bear with me.

I started to smoke,  that got the whole world gagging.

Oh, if I only knew,   that the smoke was on me.

Oh,  I looked to the skies,  burning my eyes

and making them red.

Oh and I couldn’t believe,   I lost my aleve

now what do I do?

I started to quit,  that got the whole world talking,

oh oh oh,  Oh I only knew,  I would have quit in eighty-two.