Welcome to the Philippines

I want you to know straight-up that I am Pro-Filipino and I am for a variety of reasons and I am here to say that the ‘stereotypes’  are largely wrong.   For you out there who complain about ‘foreigners with accents’,  I want you to know that most Filipino work very hard at perfection their enunciation and grammar.   And those ‘phone center’ jobs do pay a lot more than they can get in the Philippines.    So I do not like that,  when I hear it.    Be patient and they are not taking anyone’s jobs.  They apply for them.

Phone Center Jobs PHAA JobsPH CC 1

I saw somewhere and hear others saying that we should hire ‘our own people’.   First of all,  who is our own people and how many who make this claim either have their own job or would even work that job?   And who is to blame them when jobs pay poorly and many items they need are expensive there as well? 

    They travel long hours and wait for hours just to get an interview.   It kind of reminds me of being in the military waiting in long lines.   They do not go to the manager and expect him to drop everything because you are you.    In otherwords,  they have bigger fish to fry,  if they can afford them if you know what I mean?

In the Philippines are 7,107 Islands (many are uninhabited) and their official languages are Filipino and English.   In fact,  most classes are taught in English.   But those islands,  they are magical and outside Typhoons they are largely successful.

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The climate is pretty nice too,   that is if you like hot and muggy,  but if you have lived in South Florida or the Bahamas you can handle it.    Those typhoons (Hurricanes here) are quite strong but they are not the only thing that causes heavy rains.  You also have the InterTropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ),  Monsoonal Setups and Areas of Low Pressure.   All these can affect the Islands with Torrential Rains.     All this rain accounts to the lush beautiful landscapes across the Islands.



You can get more information on this situation by clicking on that link and as you can see,  it is very noticeable.  The depiction in black and white actually shows Hurricane Bill and is one of the more impressive satellite features.   The Philippines has their own version of the National Weather Service.   It is called PAGASA.    It is an excellent site!!!


1 2 3http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/   seal

There are some pretty good music stations and many broadcast in English and Tagalog.   Some of the larger more famous cities are Manila,  Cebu City and Dipolog City.  Their major TV station is TFC (The Filipino Channel) and one of their top programs is called, ‘ Eat Bulaga’.    http://www.watchpinoytube.com/gma/eat-bulaga.html

Pasko Na NamanAA1APN Tagalog sing

Like here in the USA Christmas is big.   There is one expression Pasko Na,  music about Christmas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasko

That link will describe it better than I can.   Suffice it to say,  it is a very holy time.  From the 16th-Christmas Eve is called Simbang Gabi and Pilipino people will attend Mass everyday quite early.   It is a very nice tradition!


And to everyone who reads this,   Merry Christmas and Pasko Na.  ( I am no expert so please forgive my mistakes.

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