Black History Month & the Greatest Pitcher Ever – Bob Gibson

My favorite baseball player is almost 80 years old next November.    He is about five weeks older than my mother and regardless of the fact that he does NOT know me,   he is my role model,  my baseball idol and a man of great character.

I feel that too many times Jackie Robinson is hailed as the great trailblazer of equal rights.   But Mr. Gibson himself grew up in one of the most dangerous ghettos in America…   Cabrini Green.    His own father died about three months before Bob was born and his brother who was some 15 years older was a kind of mentor.

The song above is probably my favorite from Elvis and conveys the hard reality of disadvantage and self-destructive behaviors.     Growing up in Texas in a segregated neighborhood it seemed that integration was happening and no one had to tell us racism was wrong.   How is it little kids can figure out.   One day this black boy came across me and asked his friends,  “Who is this peckerwood?”     One of my friends from that run down place called the young black child out and told him I was his friend.

Racism was very real but the good part of that change was not a slogan or a gimmick,   we had real problems in our country.   We had Little Rock Hall and the protest of the brave young black students.    I was one year old as this cauldron was beginning to boil over and an ugly scene ensued.

This young lady was a hero and young kids of all races were angry at the over racism and Jim Crowe Laws that permeated the nation and especially  the South.    It was this that the young Cardinal star had to deal with and he did so relatively easily as was his character never to lose at anything.

Gibson had rickets and asthma as a kid and yet become a good basketball player,  averaging 22ppg as a senior in high school.   After that he went on to be an All-American  basketball player at Creighton University.    And from there the Harlem Globetrotters and finally signed with the St. Louis Cardinals.

When pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals in spring training,  black players were not allowed to stay in the hotel that was white only.    Eventually the Cardinals organization fixed that problem.    Imagine being the superstar pitcher in the second best baseball organization and then being spit at in Florida.

The rough life growing up and his competitive nature made him a force in the game and he set one record that is still a record fifty or so years later.   (1.12) over 300 strikeouts and 13 shutouts with 22 wins.    He was a prolific hitter also bashing 24 Homeruns and 144 RBIs.   During the day there were not a lot of televised games and especially the Cardinals so I would listen to KMOX in St. Louis while we were living in upstate NY.      I loved and was proud when watching him pitch and would emulate his pitching delivery.

Mr Gibson like Hank Aaron survived the rigors that racism and hate with class and strength.   One time his catcher Tim McCarver ( a really good one) came to the mound and Gibson, “told him the only thing McCarver knew about hitting was he couldn’t.”

He was known for a blistering fastball and an awesome curve.    When he retired I felt such a deep sadness on a variety of levels.    As the years have passed fans revere him as a classy human and one of the greatest pitchers and one of only a few black pitchers.      So my looking up to him is influenced by so many factors.    I refused to lose and invariably I came through in the clutch every so often.   That included beating an undefeated wrestler in a state tournament,     and an unassisted triple play.    The baseball coach told my little brother that he had large shoes to fill.

I was born in a turbulent time with wars,   bitter conflicts racial and otherwise so I take a dim view of blacks using slavery as a crutch and so do the stars,   businessmen and fathers who do the right thing and do represent the status quo,   There is a lot of work and Ferguson roiled the waters and I am not going to be political but to say,  we collectively have to see each others as valuable as ourselves if not more.

This is a condensed version of my love and respect for this great man and served as a role model to black and white kids.


Ray Rice had a very bad moment! But so have you! Some things never change.

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”
William F. Buckley Jr.

So now we have yet another controversy (Ray Rice) because men and women alike to ply controversy as along as it does not indict them or their perceptions about themselves.    A trio of cases has made the news and those ready to capitalize on them,  will.  (Ray Rice,  Adrian Peterson and Ferguson)   But like any person who benefits from these kind of cases are not about solutions.   These kinds want to feeled vindicated over something that has no relevance to their own lives.

They are just lazy haters with no plan.   The longer this goes on the less time there is to judge their own missteps and that includes me.    They have a belly full of self-righteous indignation and no one to blame.  Except for the vulnerable who they CLAIM to care about.

Those who wish to bash Janay Rice taking her longer view of this situation,  I want to slap!   Sure Ray Rice has done the unthinkable and their indeed needs to be consequences.   But the most strident critics are those with things to hide or some other agenda.     Or you have the guys who like to present a virtual dialogue,  accusing others of racism, sexism,  misogyny or whatever their minds decide.

These decisions are born of haste,  arrogance and the unfetter cacophony of a lynch mob.    Like the Salem Witch-hunts come in various arrays,  finding some niche in which a person can ruin another.   It is that simple.   People do because they can.  Just like those dysfunctional sex bombs on Jerry Springer.    What is most fascinating about that ‘trainwreck’ is how old flash me some boobs Springer is like a prurient slinky in Chinatown offering some sage advice to people who wantonly exploit each other.

Then are the raucous and indecorous sniggles at a woman objectifying herself by showing her boobs.    This diminishingly embarrassing behavior in encouraged.    Some of these very same people are cheering while teenagers are deemed sex offenders by showing their bodies to their friends and classmates who get an eyeful.    So who made you God?   You cannot even run your own life as the song so aptly put it.  Now, you wish to destroy Rice,  Peterson and Tiger Woods.   I can bet my life that some of you have done worse.

You talk about helping women?  You lie!  Aside trying to ruin the lives of the guilty the world has not changed one bit.    You are part of the problem as long as there is clamoring and no one is listening.  How else can anything ever get better?     Aside from the punitive actions and laws you offer no change in the patterns of abuse.

Hillary had one thing right,  that is literally does take a village to make things like bullying,  abuse and terrorism abate.   Not even a plan just demands of justice.   Taking on the victim like Ray’s wife and making it all about you!  You are complicit in bringing more pain to the world.   You have made the victim’s life harder whilst you munch on Doritos and beat your dog.   Yeah,  I know you did this!

or there is this!

Let’s take charge of our own and stop letting disinterested parties decide our fate and I mean us all.  We all go around not trying to effect change as practically as we can and bomb aspirin factories and tell everyone else how nice we are.   We are never as good or as bad as we want others to believe.

I have lied and have stolen things and have deceived and maybe they may or may not have been crimes but I do not go around giving everyone else a scarlet letter or accuse of them of being a witch,  child molester or a serial cheater of some kind.

It’s like the show (movie)  ‘Mean Girls’.  A revealing look at the innate nature of us all and even those who we thought were incapable of such things.

I like ‘House’.   Does that make me an abuser or a victim?    Does calling a peaceful church goer affect you?   And why do you think anyone owes YOU an apology?   Everybody hurts some times.

It is hard enough to make it in this life without lighting another fire and while we may not have this particular tragedy over our heads we can assure others than there are those who really do care.

Stand up and be heard!! The Abuse of Women and the culture of Narcissism

Many of you women are playing right into the hands of the classic ‘Misogynist’.   These ersatz men live in ‘Man Caves’ lined with the tears of forgotten dreams.   Admired by your youth and looks,  these men like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt  know the difference between young girl and a lady of means and experience.

This ugliness is not exclusive to this country.   In many underdeveloped countries the fate to women are even worse.  In fact,  the rate of rapes is 0.844 per 1,000 people.   This percentage dwarfs the number in percentage for any place else in the world.   It appears as the crime of preference and remember these are weighted averages.

A few years ago I kept hearing the term ‘LBFM’,  Little Brown Fuck Machine’.   This was an insult to ladies of the Philippines.   The tears of these girls and young women is a cautionary tale.  For if you are found to be one of these,  Have Mercy on your Soul.  I would imagine you have no soul.     Just know this,  you allude to a woman with that term you and I,  will have a serious problem.   I  have a 25 year old daughter and suffering makes us stronger but that doesn’t erase the trauma.   And little boys and in some cases,  men have been nearly ruined much as the 11 year who was killed.

I guess you can say that their life is not so hot.    The basic problem is that the victimizer does not see a person.   And rather than stop the predator,  it may actually encourage them because this is what they wanted.   If I were the King for a Day,  sex education would educate an entire family.    The full weight of impact would rest like a heavy yoke and the emotions by children,  women and the elderly would be tangibly felt.

Right now the predator lies in wait,  far more clever than any fox.   And the system of deterrence is but an afterthought because deterrence only deters the ones that care.    There are so many considerations here and we take the legalistic every time and we see how that works, time and again.   The politicians love to make laws.   It is like calling a street MLK but then doing nothing else than shake hands and win elections.   Who is benefitting here?   Because you see,  it is like ‘System of a Down’ and the song, “They’re trying to build a prison”.    This is more a money maker than a solution.   Instead of ostracizing family members against each other,  let’s prevent this shit in the first place.

People can say they are against crime and what do they do?   Hide behind computers,  lists and titles and think this matters,  when in fact,  the whole legal system is a moneymaker.   All told,  they only care about the symbolic act of creating a better world and if it fits with these ideologues agenda all the better.   Meanwhile children die or grow up to be bitter.  Battered women commit suicide or burn the bastard in his bed.   I am not saying all women are good,  but what I am saying is we pay lip service to change.

In  the projects in Chicago many blacks have had it with all politicians and this includes President Obama.        The unvarnished truth here.   These youngins see death and the environment of abuse that gets passed onto their own women.   Whole communities are held at abeyance.   People are waking up to reality and the biggest reality is that women and children are being abused every day and to a lesser extent men.

We all need to make this a cooperative effort.   There are people dying all over the world.   And I cannot see how we can build brand new aircraft only to have them sent to the aircraft graveyard at Davis Monthan AFB.   Did you know, this is the only base that makes money?

So tell me,  why can’t we provide for people in need?  Well part of the problem are those in the community who profit off poverty.  Another is that many are black who exploit needy people.   Some have cute little programs with no real efficacy.   It puts a few people on the employment rolls like the Census takers and not even that.    Let me explain this:   XYZ Company tells prospective job seekers that everyone can get hired.    And some of these actually can but the point here is that they cater to the longterm unemployed.    Many who have no education,   who have criminal records and maybe have a substance abuse problem.

And while we  bust some shitheads dealing dangerous drugs,  far too many are just heads or want a brief break from the poverty.  The especially influential few can do this on the down low while the vast majority cannot.   Furthermore there will be widespread legalization of Marijuana and the reason will not be to help anyone but their political and government coffers.

And to those who have records,   many cannot be employed for a variety of reasons.

This affects women because more serious drug users and I include alcohol are subjecting people to all sorts of  mayhem.   Neither party is innocent but this is not about them.   Many of them are useless and we can no longer say that it is the Republican’s fault because that is just rhetoric.

Oh and feminism does not mean man haters.   No by a long stretch!   Do you think that girls being raped and talking about it is some kind of radical feminism?   You know the answer to this.   And not everyone is a racist white guy or the average white person’s fault.   That too is a straw dog.   It appeals to zealots and miscreants who want to spew ideas that fulminate in racism and reverse racism.   It is time to fix ourselves and our communities because as I see it,   just like the N’ word,  we have the C’word and other notions associated with women that is merely misogyny.    And I believe women need to stop this too.   If we are telling blacks not to drop the N Bomb,  then we need to stop dropping hot grease into the fire and then be surprised when our women are destroyed by friendly fire.

Phony takes!!!

What is one of the easiest topics to write about?   Racism!   More than any other ‘ism’,   this ‘ism’ can hunt.    And I say that rhetorically because there needs to be a distinction between imagined oppression versus the real thing! What is the real thing?   Oppression of women around the world can be alarming.   But I will get back to that part later.    The link below is a lame attempt to claim ‘victimization’.

This is sophistry and immaturity taken to new levels on a topic that is pure fabrication at it’s best,  a testimony to a society of narcissistic youth who see themselves as victims.   Rosa Parks,  that was truth,   Jim Crowe Laws,  that stuff really happened.   And while there is real abuse happening on so many levels around the world,  our young adults are transfixed on themselves living in a never-never world of stupidity.

Now I did mention reality awhile in this blog.   That reality centers around a great woman,  who has suffered more at the thoughts of world-wide misogyny than her own safety.   You think I am being overly dramatic?  Read this woman’s story below.   She is more than a hero,  she is a woman who has incurred the wrath of leading Muslim Clerics.

I challenge any woman reading this to not be inspired by her work and then to stop focusing on B.S. and start talking about the pain of women around the world.   Women who have received at best a life of continued abuse and at worst, their own lives.

Taslima Nasreen is her name.  And here is her blog.   Feminists,  this is your hero.  Please read.

“LUCKNOW/KOLKATA: An FIR has been lodged against controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen for allegedly hurting religious sentiments following a complaint by a prominent Muslim cleric of Uttar Pradesh, a charge which the author said shocked her.

The case was lodged at Kotwali police station by Hasan Raza Khan Noori Miyan, son of the “sajjadanasheen” of Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat Maulana Subhan Raza Khan Subhani Miyan, who objected to certain tweets by Nasreen against clerics on November 6, police sources said here on Thursday.

In the complaint, it was alleged that with her remarks against clerics on Twitter the writer had hurt the feelings of the Muslim community.

Noori Miyan said a fatwa has been issued in the light of Hadees and Quran. It was demanded that the passport of the writer should be seized and she should be arrested.”   

The point to all of this is perspective.  A casual commentary about liking more people of color is true,  but to depict this young lady as a ‘pale white girl’  makes me want to throw up.   That is blatant bigotry and would make any parent angry.   And another thing in the movie ‘Avatar’ the Spanish-speaking lady was edgy.   I think she was Puerto Rican.   Oh,  so that means all PR ladies are edgy?

Anyway,  take a look at this heroic.   Read her factual stories of abuse to women.   If you want to make a change in the world,  do more than name streets MLK BLVD or other token offers,  because children of the poor need a meal more than rhetoric and hate speech against white people as somehow acceptable fare.