Meet Mr. Daddy 2007


Last night as I was perusing Hulu Plus,   when I happened across the Korean movie,  ‘Meet Mr. Daddy’.    In this movie’  Joon’ is a sickly child who wants to be with her daddy,   who happens to be a small-time  petty criminal who gets in over his head with unscrupulous gangster boss.   The dad who got arrested by the police was given an option of being a father with a stipend in lieu of incarceration.

The dubious dad thus picks up the guantlet with litte intention of really doing the right thing.    However the charms of a young girl and their need of a dad certainly can work magic and this movie did.

In a roller coaster ride of highs and lows,  little Miss Seo Shin Ae (joon)  manages to change the heart of a down and out miscreant who learns what love is and utlimately becomes a dad to this sweet baby.    She was around seven years old and sick however she shares something with her because they both like soccer and she predicts a Korean win.

Rather than say too much,   I just to say how this obviously simple plot surprised with little Joon providing a few laughs and a dogged determination to find happiness.   With all the rancor of Adrian Peterson and his young son,   I am perplexed by the simple-minded hate directed at this father who went too far.   However just as in this movie,  life is about second chances.


The greatest judge of us will be our kids and since I lost one kid just after birth and another was missing for fifteen years,   I get angry with outsiders who cannot seem to understand that is NOT about the reader of these news events but the victims all the way around.    This movie highlights the need for embracing life while we still have it.

Finally,  this movie kind of snookers you into a sense of bland drama with a dynamic conclusion and why girls need a loving and doting father.   The exchange of blessings is a private matter between imperfect parents and affectionate little ones.

This movie is a must-see.   So let us cast off the pride that immediately wants to destroy people’s lives and work on your own relationships and see what kids can see and parents can learn.    It is not too late!!

Welk kept secret – Are you ready to rumble?

Being part of the Tampa Bay Community for over 22 years,  I know this time of year is quite active.  An average cool day may sport highs in the mid-50s but the activities are many.   Ybor City is kind of like Mardi Gras with a Spanish accent.

The Tampa Bucs and Tampa Bay Lightning both sport championship rings it was also a favorite place of former Yankee’s owner,  George Steinbrenner.    Mr. Steinbrenner known as Uncle George to many of the sick child patients is something that few knew a lot about.   He paid for the Children’s ER at Tampa General Hospital.

The community has a large Spanish-speaking population and every time this year is the world famous Gasparilla Parade and Festival,  Busch Gardens and that well kept secret.

Now as to that secret!  Nestled not too far from the Tampa Bay Ports along U.S. 41 lies East Bay Raceway Park in Gibsonton.   There are two major events that include the Lucas Oil Late Models and the 360 sprint Car Winternationals.   Drivers from four countries (USA, Australia,  New Zealand and Canada)  come to the track with one thing on their mind.     The King of the 360s,  the Ron Laney Memorial.    Laney died a few years ago in a  racing accident.

I am telling you this right now.  This is the place to be.