The rush to Political Correct…

Yeah it is offensive.  But it is there right to be ignorant.   Yeah I get it.  But rather find obtuse angles at attacking President Trump,  do something but whine.  Whining doesn’t feed children.   Whining doesn’t win anything.

On CNN, Don Lemon was chatting with Morgan Freeman.  Don asked Freeman about racism and Morgan said, “stop talking about it”.  When we impower any kind of bigotry, the bigot wins.   I remmber on Mayor in D.C.

The racism we ignore

“Marion Barry’s mouth set him up. The disgraced former mayor of Washington, DC, who was caught on tape in a 1987 crack cocaine sting, made an even bigger disgrace of himself and his city on Tuesday. Celebrating a Democratic primary victory, the city councilman attacked small businesses owned by “Asians” in his district. Then the race-baiting clown doubled down”.

Barry told supporters in DC’s Ward 8: “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go.” Once pushed out, Barry promised, he would replace the foreign invaders with “African-American business people.”

He then took to Twitter to expound on the perils of “dirty” Asian shops in his neighborhood. Barry posted photos of supposedly hazardous stores — including Chinese restaurants surrounded not by trash or toxic waste, but by Plexiglas barriers and reinforced doors.

He explained that Asian-owned businesses that had the audacity to protect themselves from crime were “lowering standards” in his constituents’ communities.

Crazy Barry doesn’t just need another round of rehab. He needs a reality check.

As a commenter on noted, 2010 Census data showed that “Asians made up 0.4 percent of the Ward 8 population. . . If anything, Asians are moving out, not in — the Asian population decreased 13.6 percent . . . between 2000 and 2010.”

Most of us remember Martin Luther King and that tragic day.  MLK day is great, but we only pay lip service to that day.  In many cities statues and MLK Blvd are situated in blighted neighbor hoods.  PC people get real.  Former-President Obama payed lip service to helping people feel better.    Rather than focus on idiots, we prefer to sticks and Stones.

In Burkburnette Texas, I often played with blacks (Across the steet from blacks).  We played and got dirty ane one day this black kid call me a #Peckerwood.   A kid who was playing with us in an ash pile told that kid to leave me alone.   Kids I think get it. My own mom lived in a vacuum,  but that was rectified.   I have a  two black nephews.

One day my own mother seen that ‘those people” are us. She got presents for the one nephew and she had to be fair to him.   He loves my  mother and always wants to stay overnight with her.   My niece married a black guy.   That is their baby.  We live to learn.  So what’s up with people? Right.

My Aunt and Uncle adopted a kid (who was black).   Joel Stephens was an 5-star recuit at Syracuse.   A reporter asked about  his “black brother”.  Joel said,  “he is not my  black brother, he is my brother”.    Unity matters.  Faith Matters.  Cancer sucks.


Joel Stephens.



One night our dad was dropping the F-word at supper and all five of us went off on him. We lived in upstate NY.  A side note, Joel died at 22 with a rare form of Cancer.  Joel was a Christian.  He thanked God for his cancer! Huh? Great faith there. The owner of the Baltimore Orioles told the the Stephens family medical bills.  He even has a Joel Stephens Day.  But back to the event with our dad.  No one instilled us with bigotry.   We respected our friends and we did appreciate that bigots are going to do what they do.  My preference is to avoid such stupidity. And like Morgan Freeman said to stop talking about it.  Lemon was shocked.

We do NOT empower bigots. We politely consider the source.  Fighting over this,  just sustains the offending party, but ignoring them enough, they just go away.  That is not the take-away point. We need to respect each other.  See each other as friends, not hyphenating names but realizing the great potential of all of us.   Character Matters.



Just when you were safe. 8/6/17.

The tropics are coming to life.   We have two tropcial systems in our sights.  The first will makes its mark, moving to the  Yucatan Peninsula,   Bay of Compeche and towards Honduras.

Some strengthening may be possible.   This an expansive system and will probably be some kind of  named storm,  by the middle of the week..

This interaction with the Yucatan Peninsula may weaken it. But not for long.  The Bay of Compeche is favorable as it glides WNW.

The next system is near the Cape Verde Islands.   It is elongated,  disorganized and potentially favorable for development, in the next severable days.



Be smart,  do not stand in the storm.  One reporter (Independence Day) was standing in the wind and was hit by a steel partition.  People were cheering,  sick of the stupid weather individual.

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Pistol-Whipping Hummingbirds?? lol Closings?


These two pictures are iconic and probably before my time but they both encapsulate the meaning and purpose of young adulthood.    I for one can remember all the front gates at the stations that I was stationed at.     I think it is like an ant farm,  a collective of like-minded young people fulfilling tradition and populating the various career fields.

I had spent time at Sheppard and Lackland AFB bases but it is was Chanute and perhaps Rhein Mein AB,  Frankfurt,  Germany that hold my greatest interest.  Both places are closed no!!!~   A piece of me,  GONE!!!

Blog – Haunting Photos!

The Abandoned "White Hall" at Chanute Air Force base in Rantoul, IL.

The Abandoned “White Hall” at Chanute Air Force base in Rantoul, IL.


These were the new dorms back when I was there around 1979 and 1981.   I was in the NCO dorms and we had maids and cable TV and the place looked like a Motel but we as Sergeants drove to class and did not have to march.      Every day you would hear the cadence of ropes (student leaders) and the rhythmic beat of black combat boots.   Student had flashlights with their yellow cone-like caps almost like headlights leading the way.     Beware of the Air Force Form 341!  I will gig you!!  haha.

Fortunately that was behind us as we were Non-Commissioned Officers  and we were bad ass!!  Ok,  we weren’t but the new trainees froze when they saw us.   We could only think back to those days.  Seventeen to twenty-one year olds who for many was leaving home for the first time.

I was in the Gremlin,  Pacer,  Pinto and Vega-era.   We had K-Cars and dumb-downed Novas,  providing the late Twentieth Century with plenty of cheaply made cars.   Computers then had the memory of an old folks home.     Like Commodores and IBMs and softwear programs designed by Moses and I am not talking Moses Malone.  RIP sir!

We had psychometric wheels where we converted pressure values into Station Pressure,  Pressure Altitude and Altimeter settings.    We had no computers showing us Satellite Imagery and radar.   For this was the generation of Fax Machines with all that on it.   We analyzed charts by hand,  looking for anomalies that would describe current weather events and potential forecast products.



My WordPress first edition weather blog.

Dan’s Weather Page. USAF


We actually had all this equipment at Chanute and even put out our own forecasts using the technology of those times.   No Doppler Radar or double dopplers!    Even the fax machines we had above went from crappy to functional and it was all good unless you touched the blades that transmitted the signal to the paper.    You could seriously cut yourself and many observers did just that..

And reliability?  Forget about it!

Chanute AFB Museum     Good job by the author depicting the changes and how these memories remain kind of sealed in our subconsciousness.     From the Airman and NCO clubs and recreation centers,  those memories largely survive in vivid detail.     As the buildings collapse and are torn down,  other newer facilities fall to the ax.    Memories buried in debris of asbestos-laden buildings razed not to be seen again, only in our memories.

But the essence of these times will not be forgotten and as White Hall (Weather Central so-to-speak) and it’s radar have vanished like the morning fog.   Rows and rows of the Old World War II barracks are gone,  the only thing left are the concrete slabs used as foundations and the rows where troops marched in the morning an the afternoon.

But there is a side to all of this.  The side where young people got their hearts broken and broke hearts too.  Some of us may have drank for the first time.    It was 1984 when President Reagan signed into law the Federal drinking age.   Something I strongly despise.

We had an old place where Service Members went to have fun.   A local dance club (er dive…. lol) called the Prairie Lands and if you drove past the club and the old silos you could be blown off the road during the right weather conditions.   An eddy that surrounded the silos and that highway and we were all notified of this hazard by safety NCOs and Officers.


I played AAU basketball for a church near Champaign.   I scored 34 points for our team there at the University.      I remember a  lot from those days including watching UI destroying University of Texas,  Texas-Arlington 119-74 and we got free pizza for them the Illini topping 100 points.   That was cool.   I also remembering watching WGN when the Phils beat the Cubs 23-22.

1979 Cubs/Phillies

It was in one of the new dorms (newer then) that I drank for the first time just at the end of the course when I got dizzy in the foyer and then made it to the room.   While laying down,   I saw Jesus,  made promises to him and my bed seemed to be spinning around.  I didn’t feel my best,  as I crawled to the porcelain throne and met the floor.   Oh well.   Oh and the girl who was turning 25 and talking about how her life was almost over.    Afterall that is a pretty advanced age!!!  Hahah

Observing school was a piece of cake and forecasting school not as much fun or as easy.  My problem being an ADD and Anxiety disorders that kind of hurt me all the way through except for Physics and had a 97 on the final.    Anomalies do happen.    I am just glad I made it through.

At that time pizzas were still 20 minutes or they were free at Dominos Pizza.  Of course we had people try to confuse drivers so they could get a free pizza.   I guess this is what drove the company to give discounts and then when they got GPS,  the gig was up.   Our nefarious plots and watching the original ‘Battlestar Gallactica’ along with the occasional female friend was our whole life beyond our studies.  And our studies? Well I would kill the subjects at the dorms with my friends expecting I would ace every test.  Fat chance of that.   You could swear that I was as apprehensive as going through the gas chamber or an MTI finding an unlocked personal locker.   You see,  they frowned on that a little.. ha

In passing,  just as our parents and their parents,  things change.   To the new people who come along and experience weather school at Keesler,  they probably do not get the fascination with Chanute.  That old and prestigious building (White Hall) is an enigma and it’s destruction feels  like a friend who passed.