Larry’s Angels! Just Catting Around!

Man’s best friend has a bit of the stray cat strut.   And Live Science (the blog site) says the book is out.  In the end however,  cats do not work well with people and that dogs (as wonderful as they are) let humans figure it out while a cat is more persistent.    Maybe stubborn is the right word.   LOL.    Be that as it may,  cats have a smaller pct of brains to body mass but 300,000 to 160,000 million neurons.  So what?  Right?  Maybe, but cats have my fancy and here is why in my mind.


Baby to the left and Lacey to the right.   Lacey is a crazy sweet SnowShoe Siamese and I hear she speaks about 20 languages,  begging for food that is.

Felix d catHerman


Meet Mr. Daddy 2007


Last night as I was perusing Hulu Plus,   when I happened across the Korean movie,  ‘Meet Mr. Daddy’.    In this movie’  Joon’ is a sickly child who wants to be with her daddy,   who happens to be a small-time  petty criminal who gets in over his head with unscrupulous gangster boss.   The dad who got arrested by the police was given an option of being a father with a stipend in lieu of incarceration.

The dubious dad thus picks up the guantlet with litte intention of really doing the right thing.    However the charms of a young girl and their need of a dad certainly can work magic and this movie did.

In a roller coaster ride of highs and lows,  little Miss Seo Shin Ae (joon)  manages to change the heart of a down and out miscreant who learns what love is and utlimately becomes a dad to this sweet baby.    She was around seven years old and sick however she shares something with her because they both like soccer and she predicts a Korean win.

Rather than say too much,   I just to say how this obviously simple plot surprised with little Joon providing a few laughs and a dogged determination to find happiness.   With all the rancor of Adrian Peterson and his young son,   I am perplexed by the simple-minded hate directed at this father who went too far.   However just as in this movie,  life is about second chances.


The greatest judge of us will be our kids and since I lost one kid just after birth and another was missing for fifteen years,   I get angry with outsiders who cannot seem to understand that is NOT about the reader of these news events but the victims all the way around.    This movie highlights the need for embracing life while we still have it.

Finally,  this movie kind of snookers you into a sense of bland drama with a dynamic conclusion and why girls need a loving and doting father.   The exchange of blessings is a private matter between imperfect parents and affectionate little ones.

This movie is a must-see.   So let us cast off the pride that immediately wants to destroy people’s lives and work on your own relationships and see what kids can see and parents can learn.    It is not too late!!

What would you do?

Love is a BATTLEFIED,   by Pat Benetar

We have all tripped on a few landmines in our lives and then justified it as being human.   And there is nothing wrong with that,  except when you forgot about your own errors in judgment.   Do we need a remembrance to keep us straight or do we just pile on and let the chips fall where they may?

Now,  there are abusers out there and many are women!

{. Everyone quotes the statistics given by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives, 1.3 million women are assaulted by their partner every year, 85% of domestic violence reported is against women. However, in a conflicting survey taken by the CDC in 2010, it was found that 40% of the victims of severe, physical domestic violence are men}

Okay ladies,  we need to gloss over that and for sure men do not want to seem like wimps but there is a time when someone is going to jail and if you deny that you were abused after being abused,  then it could be said that not all attacks are being reported! 

As usual the media loves to stir up the hornet’s nest and then leave a pile of manure in it’s wake.   And sadly,  the issues are buried as the next best story avails itself or some development where more accused surface and so the claims go on and on and on.

Men, as well as women, are victimized by violence. Sexual abuse and rape create substantial physical and psychological harm to male victims and perpetuate the cycle of violence. Men and boys are less likely to report the violence and seek services due to the following challenges: the stigma of being a male victim, the perceived failure to conform to the macho stereotype, the fear of not being believed, the denial of victim status, and the lack of support from society, family members, and friends.   This according to the National Coalition to Domestic Violence.

For more information or to get help, please call:  National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE   National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE  National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD

So my friends there you have it.   People like that idiot James Brown (the announcer) is just as guilty and pathetic as the NFL and other media who purport to be about women and knowingly commit this felonious rendition of so-called social justice!

Of course we expect an open mind when we fail.   Presumably because ours was not so bad,  not really.   You don’t know me!   So,  it goes.    Then a scandal breaks and the media feeds the feeding frenzy by storming off stage in a fit or rage and letting you know where they stand.

But there is a letter missing.   A letter that adds clarity and truthfulness and is a humbling word that is fast becoming a desiccated symbol of  a metaphorical and geopolitical hell .   Bereft of logic and reliant upon emotions,  the best and the brightest (self-aggrandizement at it’s worst) declare to us unwashed,  trailer trash adults as intellectual deadbeats.

I want to buy the vowel ‘E”.   And adding this one small letter is to completely reframe humanity  as  more ‘humane’.     Fed by a narcissistic media and spin-meisters our society resembles the Catholic Crusades or Islamic Jihad.     But the most pernicious fly-in-the-ointment is ‘Political Correctness’.   By using this tactic the vocabulary becomes constricted like the Orwellian language of INGSOC where more is less or less is more depending on the current translation of the words.  Or the King’s English?

To many,  the News is a TV dinner full of political preservatives and false calls to justice and action.   They are probably the most guilty,   the Ken-dolls waxing euphemistically at over their own cant and hyperbole.   As a person with a severe anxiety disorder,  finding calm and relative bliss can be a chore.   Now couple those obstacles that everyone else shares is beyond me.

What Tiger Woods did is none of your business aside from the smarmy details and since I do not care about such things,  it is of no interest to me and it shouldn’t to you.  Find a hobby,  pick your nose or find your Ouija Board.    Don’t tell me they deserve it because they are celebrities.  I am no fan of celebrities but I do not get carping on others what a lot of you have done.    Yes, some of you do these things or worse and that includes a few woman as well.

I have never understood the logic behind  that or worrying about Janay Rice unless you care about her  predicament and help her now that Ray Ray does not have a job.   That’s none of your concern either but a matter which involves their family and they have the right to privacy.   They did not sign a waiver to make a lot of money thus forfeiting their rights to a bunch of truncated vigilantes with severe boundary issues.

Ray did very wrong and needs to learn that he can never do such things and then gets .   To say it is all abuse of women smells of sticking your hooked nose and split tongue into matters which have no bearing on your own life.    And anyway,  who are beating these drums?  The feminists see a chance to intervene with the end game being only their opinions.   Cause and effect  but the underlying issues are painted over with peace signs and slogans.

The dogmas are so entrenched and accepted that it seems any aspersion cast upon Republicans is true and means you hate the poor,  favor the rich,   etc.    One of those bits of hyperbole would be that a person is greedy if they are a Young Republican.   This is a common depiction and is accepted.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, ESPN’s Hannah Storm was almost teary-eyed as she described how she had to tell her three daughters about the Ray Rice video and the circumstances behind it. Furthermore, she called out the NFL, saying that the organization needs to draw a hard line on NFL players when it comes to domestic violence. On the other side of the issue, Michael Vick claims everyone, including Ray Rice, deserves a second chance.

People have to stop piling  on to people for sport or a good story.     Many players still support him and the fans who returned their jerseys did so,   because they can get a new one.   Hopefully their is a commissioner’s dunce cap for falling prey to the pressures of hypocritical genuflecting idiots.

My blogs are relatively obscure because I go out of my way not to as popular with the wrong crowd.   One individual said my lack of followers and comments invalidate my opinions!  Really?   That’s like throwing spaghetti against a wall,  some will stick.   Truth or Consequences?

Now let’s look at some things that go entirely not commented on.    Look at any young lady/woman who makes it big and you get the eventual playboy cover.   Many of them will be featured in a movie in short shorts or panties then are slain by some sociopath or horny alien.   The same media that harps on treating women right, but do you EVER see them doing anymore than that?  No, never!   The best you get is still all about them.  (The media).

Wait that guy hit a horse.   I should protest protesting is cool.

And as far as younger females go,  they are off-limits until they reach 18 (The Olsen Twins,  Molly Cyrus) and just about legal team becomes fair game.    The song Plush by Stone Temple Pilots depicts the sense of urgency to deflower purity and to scandalize,   so is it any mystery that the message gets out and it is largely media of some sort that perpetuates virginity is some kind of weirdness that MUST be slain.     The confusing scene of sexuality and violence seem to correlate into a seamless package of adolescent dynamite.

These same architects of depravity will deny any part of the malaise that helped to foment.   Of course they could blame us or blame Ray Rice for his stupidity but you sure want to bury him and his career.   The unintended consequence is family security but all of that is out the window now because liberal progressives are unrelenting and are mission first.   The party of tolerance is anything but.     The thing with Adrian Peterson is even more personal as his reputation will never recover!   This is NOT about football,  this is about cleaning your own attics and basements.

Some of the fervor does not match the rhetoric nor offers any solutions other than castrating all men and do away with all sports.   Yeah that’s you.   You have no suggestions outside scarlet letters and editorial denouncements.    Editorials means ever having to say you are sorry,  even though you might be.    James Brown of the NFL.   Do not condescend to me or other men.     Those bad guys (gals) deserve redemption, even if you do not agree.

Outside of Christmas and perhaps Thanksgiving they help the needy but do they do this behind the scenes or with a microphone and a fake smile?   No,  because this is a playground where actors and media dress up like us and pretend to be us.   Only,   we know it is a ruse.    Like an errant preacher,  police officer or a teacher,  they are all about chances.   Chances they did not give to others!    Their misfortune is not any sort of vindication sought,  but that their perceived holiness is not assailed.

Janay’s life was miserable at times but how could I know that unless she said so?  And those people who are falsely accused remember the gallows of judgment that is worn as white sheets endorsed by grand-standing politicians.      A chief of police with dozens if keyed up rabble-rousers with hopes of becoming the next big thing.

Erstwhile Barbies with faces meant for Halloween and the sad slow march into an old folks home where the deer and the antelope roam, with visions of scrapbooks and compliments lost in favor of denizen of new generations.   The pretty little womanlettes garnering the drools and slanders of a hungry set of ravenous coffee-stained dentures and a deer rack in your garage.   This is the backdrop to the great witch-hunts.    Only you you .

George W. Bush did not serve  a fake turkey to troops but that  Urban Myth was grudgingly admitted to.   With the media they do it with roaming bands of rich,  out of touch sociopaths with cameras and an agenda.   Stop the hate!!!

I love that speech and admire the kind words about President George W. ush and if for no other reason,  because we should respect the office and their decisions and stop trying to ruin each other.   Because in the end,  we all fall short and my attempt is to get people to  stop being ruthless to each other.   Diversity is gift.   Trust me on that.

I Started to Smoke (A Joke) Bee Gees.

This is a takeoff on a song,  a humorous interlude into irony.  As it is,  I totally missed the boat while they were all alive.   Instead I saw them as chessie during the ‘Stayin Alive’ days of Disco.   I was too fixated on the hairstyles and their clothes and those silly ‘ooooooh hoooos’.   That stuff drove me insane and women were the most likely to do it.   That was also a time when Big Hair was making it’s appearance and Boy George flamed his way into our lives and we mostly got what he was about.  Creativity.

So recently,  I heard the song again.  There was something ethereal about it.   In fact,  Robin Gibb brought that song to life as if he were still young again and the fact that some said he looked really bad,  I still saw his inner beauty and strength.   It was at that point that the light went on.  I thought,  he should still be alive.   That his brother had to pick up the pieces and How Do You a Broken Heart took on greater significance.

So,  my attempt here is humor and not an affront to sensitivity,    It may just be just the opposite.  In kidding around with the lyrics  that I add to the legacy and their greatness.   When it is all said and done,  they were magic and are sorely missed.   I sing their songs daily.  It is stuck in my mind and it is not a bad thing.

Here are my lyrics and bear with me.

I started to smoke,  that got the whole world gagging.

Oh, if I only knew,   that the smoke was on me.

Oh,  I looked to the skies,  burning my eyes

and making them red.

Oh and I couldn’t believe,   I lost my aleve

now what do I do?

I started to quit,  that got the whole world talking,

oh oh oh,  Oh I only knew,  I would have quit in eighty-two.

Pop Corn Shrimp & Manners

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”  ~Eric Hoffer

Last night I was sleeping in my car (because I am a homeless vet) and all of a sudden I woke up and there was a man leaning up against my driver’s side door smoking a cigarette.  To say I was startled and confused was an understatement and so I tapped on the window loudly and asked what he was doing?

I am sure he was genuinely startled but come on,  that is my car and you are leaning on it and I do not know you.   My parents would have yelled at me just for touching another person’s car and if the owner yelled at me they would have said, “what do you expect,  you shouldn’t be doing that.    I told him that I was a vet with PTSD and he startled me.

His response to get all loud and obnoxious,  a trait he is probably used to and gets away with.    I wanted to get out and confront him face to face but thought better of it.   Not because I was scared but this could have gotten out of hand.   I do not know him or his cohorts but the situation was fluid and I did not wanted a ride in a squad car.    He even said something about getting my butt whipped and again that urge to go out there and act menacing.   Again my frontal cortex indicated this would not end well.

He eventually boarded the bus and it left and I was just laying there hoping he wasn’t going to start some kind of riot.    A decent human being would have apologized for startling me and for leaning on my car.   But no!!  This is the Jerry Springer generation where rude behavior gets you a silver star and $10,000 cash.

So what has gone so terribly wrong in this country?  Why do people expect a pass over totally ignorant and rude behavior?   And I do not believe in situational ethics.   Wrong is wrong no matter what color the package and yes,  he was black.   And there is nothing wrong in bringing that up,  because I see it, our society has sat on our hands and said nothing.

What does this do?  Well it rewards a bad behavior and perverts common courtesy and relegates it to the dung heap of ‘old school ideas’.    Many whites are afraid to complain because they are afraid.  I didn’t serve my country nor my black brothers who feel the same way I do.

But who is teaching our kids ‘right values’?    Acting ghetto is not a way to get a job where employers will summarily excuse a thug and hire a person with some moral compass.   It kind of reminds me of a kid who has an older brother and whenever the kid harasses another person he hides behind his big brother when he started it.   Bullying!

How are we to teach our kids to be nice when adults do not?  When did we stop being decent and showing deference to age,  or disability?    I wonder if his mother would have been proud of him?   I seriously doubt that,  because most working blacks would either roll their eyes or just turn away.

For this to change we need the schools to teach right values and right values are not determined by being black or harkening back to the Jim Crowe era.  Adults of children should not be afraid to stand for something.   Be proud of living here and extending every courtesy possible and stop cheering bad behavior on shows like Maury and Springer and ladies who fight and flash for the audience.

Just entertainment?  No,  we need to stop that too.  It have come about that society is reflecting art.   That shock is preferable to consideration and putting each other down an art form.

We can do this.   Like Patrick Swayze said in ‘Roadhouse’,  just be nice!


Making the News – Jake From Start Farm

This week’s poltroon is none other than the Weiner Man.   By day a scrupulous lawyer (hahahaha) and by night a single digit Lothario with the Midas Touch.   He excites the Major Media with his Tube Snake Boogie once again.  Just when they were boring with Mr. Zimmerman and Trayvon,  they launch into latest cause.

I can imagine soon  that undercover media penises will expose other dangling members.   In a quest for the truth will come out more stories about middle-aged adolescents who can’t keep zipped.    This is all about sex and the media’s fixation the topic because they say,  that is what we want.

In the case of Trayvon,   he was a skittle-toting preteen with a Spiderman Suit,  delivering runaway kittens to their rightful owners.   The objective is to get the scoop on Fox News or PMSNBC.  So it is no wonder they are focusing on the genitalia of a grown  man.

They could however report on black on black violence and murder.   They could call to task,   Mr Sharpton (google Tawana Brawley) and you can see how the players follow a predictable script.   Reverand Al pontificates about Whitey,  while the Reverend JJ,  exploits another industry,  shaking them down for coins.   (And nothing else).

They could report on how the N-Bomb has become more vile than using God’s name in vain.   Can I say,  Allah Damnit or would that be politically incorrect?   Rather than focus on the deficit,   we must keep abreast of what room the Princess is in and the gender of the future King,  er Queen of England.

With this focus on sex,  is it any wonder we have people confused by their own gender?   And while discrimination against ‘gays’ is reprehensible,  it is far more damaging,  undermining the social structure of the military.   For those members who abused women and men,  I have little sympathy.  I had a daughter in the military and I know what I would do to the perps.

But let’s be honest here.   This is not about the hotdog but the condiments.


“Badges?, we d…

“Badges?, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges”.

Blazing Saddles?

Oh hell yeah!!!   Our Congressmen are sitting around farting out regulations and telling themselves they have save face with the customer–  the American voter.    Like Mel Brooks talking about saving their phoney baloney jobs and they all have to harumph.

The old man on the roof is dropping F Bombs while a cacophony of fanfare and fireworks go off in the background.     Bigotry was more in your face back then but then we didn’t have to look under rocks to find it.

And,  so why now?  It is not the black community who made this such a big issue and when Larry Elder told off Piers Morgan,  who to me is a trifling loudmouth with a British accent.   A seemingly genteel orator with a propensity at self-importance,  so I do not want to hear  where O’Reilly is so bad.

So Congress with the popular rating similar to that of the German Cockroach decides to take food away from the hungry.  I do not think they think know or care and forget that these hungry felons will get their food,   one way or another.   It will come at the expense of people that vote for them.

So Pier waxes poetically about racial injustice,  Larry Elder says where is that zeal to expose black on black crime,  most notably murders?  To me the really sad thing is that so many young lives are being destroyed while Rev Al Sharpton gets rich stirring up racial discord.

So how are these political miscreants and media demagogues going to get off their arse and actually not decide everything based on the electoral college and ratings weeks.

We are protesting the wrong things here and if we care about the poor then we need to hold the politicians feet to the fire and tell dolts like Piers to sit in dock and just report the news.   Not be disrespectful to a person he disagrees with.