Have you Ever?

Dangled your feet?  High in the fountains on the precipice.  Have you ever walked down a gravelly hill,  with some self-doubt?   Do you enjoy the rigeur,  the strenuous back-drop, in a free falling dream?

In your dreams, what age are you?  Are you waiting for someone?  Has he or she fulfilled a blind spot? Do you just settle for diamonds or man-made stones?   Do you have the desire of a princeor princess?  How often do you get so close,  that you feel like life is not a listless valley?


Do we soar, do we see the crags and stoney abutments?  Do we wish that we have a cozy cave to protect our claim?   Do our summits outweigh our tragedies?  Can we withstand a flow of lava?

Can we rescue our fulfillments over a cup of tea?  Do we see in totality or do we accept our altogether,  a strong foothold?

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“My first impulse is always to behave, about everything, as if I feared complications. But I don’t fear them— I really like them. They’re quite my element.”
Henry James, The Golden Bowl                                                                                                   

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