This is an age long dichtomomy and it’s kind of funny, but the theme of this Korean series was this girl (high school and college aged) who persevered and got the guy she loved for ages. Of course, there would be the guy who loved her, however the love was unrequited. Here’s a song, to make you think. Good luck!


Please welcome Duncan Swallow to #BeREALationships.


I’d gone to a party on my ownsome, and R arrived with someone else. About an hour later she was sitting on my lap exploring my tonsils.

I’d got a bit of a reputation for being a poacher, since something similar had happened with another couple of girls. Yet I genuinely have never made a pass at a girl/woman who was with someone else. It may come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never made a pass at a girl/woman ever. Not once. I’ve always been too reticent and they’ve had to make the running.

This time things went well with R. We became an item, went out for about a year, which is quite a long time when you’re sixteen or seventeen. Her parents liked me. If I went to visit, they’d let us use the front room undisturbed until about ten…

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