Victims of the Fury – Racing Legends Gone too Soon.

A history of fallen race champions.

Racing Short Track Style

I cannot begin to explain the feelings of our favorite drivers dying tragically,  too early and way before their time.   But for those who die on the track it is anything but unfair.   The ones who suffer are those left behind.  To fend off the losses and betrayal.    Daughters and sons,  wives and girlfriends,  parents and the racing community at-large.

Another aspect to us are the memories and they grow and they ebb and they grow again.    Born of clay and resurrected in photographs.    Sometimes the tracks met their own demise,  a victim of parking lots,  malls and apartment complexes.   A few have reminders by the way of old paths,  dilapidated stands or even bits of the concrete that featured these local and sometimes national superstars.

Some of these tracks even have landmarks like restaurants,  carnivals or maybe a beach.    But none of…

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