The Cat Stole the Cradle

The Cat’s On The Table. My cat arrived just the other day, it wanted to eat and it wanted to play.

Cat on the tablecats2cats3

It was big enough that it could jump, it jumped on the table in an unusual way.  With all four feet in the flower vase it lept to the counter with agility and grace. She meowed at me and said with a smile can you do that and I said, “not by a mile.

She meowed at me when she fell of the stool she hit her head and began to drool. I said that was funny when she came to but I need to go off to the blasted zoo, when I got there, there she was flirting with a big red cock-a-too.

She meowed and said with a smile, Do you want to ride on a croc, I said not right now because I am on the clock.And as I swept out the Lion’s cage, my cat looked at me in a puzzled way.

She asked me, if I liked big cats and I said, ” not when they are behind me, not when they’re behind me.


And before I knew it the Lion crept up

it was behind me now, because I felt it’s breath.


I said to my cat, what do I do? She told me, that she didn’t know, but do I have fresh litter and plenty of food?  She said that with a cavalier tude.

The cats on the table and it is sleeping now it is snoring with the baby and I don’t know how.

But before I knew it, the big cat burped, my cat began to smile . My cat began to smile.

kitty 1Kitty2

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