Our Lives Matter

This makes many fine points and should be read by everyone.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Blog for Mental Health 2015

Mental health patients suffer from different illnesses, have different symptoms, and fluctuating degrees of disability.
Patients with the same diagnosis will present with different degrees of insight and acceptance based on nuanced variables in environment and personality.
A person with a mental illness is a person with a mental illness.
One of the largest obstacles faced by people with mental illnesses is that it is socially acceptable to ridicule their suffering and to abuse them with legal and economic sanctions.
Homelessness is not the result of mental illness.
Homelessness is directly related to the refusal of our social and political systems to admit that the failure of de-institutionalization is the direct result of funding
cuts to the services that are essential for the successful treatment of mental illness.
The debilitating effects of long-term mental illness are worsened to the extent that the patient internalized the lie that he is responsible…

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