Weather Forensics: The Science of Weather Observing. Not playing the game.

Well as forecasted by me the NWS and their minions who use vagueness and then claim accuracy are hilarious. To wit: The part of NC I am from is expecting 2-4 inches (possible). Hahah, they went from rain, to precip. From precip to 1-2 inches to 2-4 inches. More than most I get the difficulty but I find this kind of cagey and dishonest. Not sure if we are getting our power back tonight but they need to hurry because 14 degree temperatures suck when you have no heat.

Floyd, Times Are Changin

I am often amused at the Man-made Global Warming Entourage and that includes the king of nitwits,   Bill Nye,  the political scientist.   One of my reasons for leaving the service was some leaders insistence in toying with Atmospheric Physics and putting innocent lives at stake.

Two things I often observe is what I call the ‘Picnic Forecast’.    TV stations will fudge  solid Meteorological reasoning for appeasing weekend  picnickers.    The problem is that your credibility gets shot in the foot and your claims to caring about your listeners goes out the window.

A Trof of colder air is moving southward being aided by a 120kt jet stream that is bringing temperatures as much as 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit below normal.   On it’s own cold dry air does not permit for snow or precipitation of any kind.    So cold air is just part of the equation.  …

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