Major Low Presssure Expected to Bring Significant Rain To Greensboro, NC.

Recently the area across the Southeast and particularly North Carolina has been rife with significant rain and during the last storm totaled over 1.25in of rain in about one day or 24 hours.   The coming event is fraught with a few variables.   Most notably the track of the low expected to move into the western part of the state on Sunday afternoon.   At midnight a few showers were noted in north central South Carolina,  so that will bear watching.

But there is a chance of some snow or snow flurries across the Piedmont due to a coastal low around the Thursday time period.    Right now our current temperature close to Burlington, NC is at 31 where it has been for a few hours now.    That temperature may vary a bit but won’t go down much now as warm air is being advected up towards us and Relative Humidity at 78%.

Being the air is cold right now,  it holds less moisture but the push of warm air from the overrunning warm front will saturate the lower atmosphere well enough to provide conditions favorable for clouds and rain.

The arrival of the more steady rain and a few possible thunderstorms and rainshowers will happen later in the day.  The longer the sunshine and the more moist it gets will aid in stronger convection as a series of disturbances happen along the frontal boundary and the low.    Rains up to 1.5in are possible for Sunday and Sunday night.

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