La Vida Loca San Salvadore Style.

I cannot imagine anyone trying to be ‘ghetto’ and if you take a look at this movie and if you are really ‘ghetto’ then you will probably understand the backdrop to all this pain.  These are pictures from the 2008 movie (documentary)  La Vida Loca’.   These young people are born into grinding poverty and their only release is the cancer that gobbles them up.  VIOLENCE!

And we are not better than they are,  we have been blessed!      This movie is from San Salvadore and you might  have heard of that country because they brought MS-13 to the mean streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere.    The group was started to fend off other gangs who were victimizing their youth.  The result was one of the meanest gangs in the world come to be.

The characters are a sad mix of hurting souls,  looking for redemption in a world that features bullets,  babies and a whole lot of misery.    The saddest part with the girl with the glass eye is that she was murdered just after getting that glass eye and felt a bit better about her life.  She also left behind a baby.  What a damned shame!

This girl liked the murdered girl with one eye desperately seeks acceptance and it is bitterly sad that too many people see them as the dregs, those people on welfare or just gang-bangers.   Does she or any of her friends wish to be poor?   Do they relish the fact that they feel that condemnation every day?     The girl in the picture smiles a lot in the movie and that smile hid a  world of hurt.   The affectations and  her eyes were a window into her tortured soul and who seemed to be a nice person with a good attitude,  all things considered.

And the wailing mothers at their children’s funerals while gang members flash their signs and yet these mothers are not allowed to care?   Is it the choices they necessarily make or the futility of poverty claiming it’s souls?   Or the reward for behaving?

The social worker and the law enforcement officer seem to be their only guidance and their only hope and too many of the LEOs are corrupt.  Some do feel sorry for their people and show it without the malice of too many of our own cops.   Like the black guy who was murdered at the hands of an overzealous prick LEO.


There is a sweet young lady here whose tragedy will be her legacy and more than likely a body bag.   No one outside the barrios will even give a damn.  And the frustrating part of this is who is to blame?

But aren’t we all?  Politicians talk of economic revitalization while we all know this is just a mocking ruse intended to garner votes will paying off corrupt police and perfunctory judges judging them as less than human.   The social worker is burned out and the healthcare personnel patch up wounds that will probably lead to a future trip to the morgue.

And I actually saw a blog that condemned Al Sharpton for accusing NYPD as being racist.   I have little use for that sack of dung and he has a lot to account for.  That NYPD and his accomplices should be considered a dangerous gang.   That is why blacks hate cops and I have seen it in my life too with a girl friend who is black and saw her son jacked up.   The cop was mean to her and she is quite civil.

But back to the movie.   I believe it is a must see chronicle of hopeless.   When people are treated like cattle through the legal system while rich judges and lawyers do nothing to mitigate this kind of tragedy.   There has to be a better way.   Rather than converting hurting teens and young adults into hardened criminals,  why do we do this?   Remember Rodney King?  You cannot tell me he deserved that beating,  regardless if he used drugs and died.   It is just sad.


And this happens a lot here as well.   Law enforcement getting an erection over hurting innocents because they say,  the criminal was being too aggressive.   Cops should treat people with respect and I have seen many cops who are simply wonderful people but sadly too many cops treat people as hardened criminals tazing them because they can.

And before you think that I am liberal,  I am conservative.   Decent people rally around the hurting and sick and so should we.

I remember going to eat at a homeless shelter and I saw a black former Air Force serviceman verbally abused by a stupid latino cop.    I felt his rage and I wanted to lash out at that fat sow.

He complained to me while in line.   I am no judge of the final disposition of one’s life and putting people into neat little categories is expedient but inhumane.    As a veteran,  I served my country and proudly too,  but like the Veteran in the soup kitchen,  I felt his pain as I do the suffering anywhere.

To the suffering I leave this weak attempt to show my support.   God bless you all.

Being There and the 2014 Season

Razorback Dynasty

Being a Razorback for a long time,  I can be irrational and calls that go against my guys is unfair.   I think that is why we are called fans or “fanatics”.    It seems like every time we get close,  at least from the late 60s.  some tragedy ensues.     Clint Stoerner’s unfortunate fumble against Tennessee’s fumble and Reggie Fish’s blunder against Florida in the SEC Championship game.

Oops.   Tenner vs. Ark

At least we secured the title in Basketball due to the great Nolan Richardson and his 40 Minutes of Hell.

With all that history behind us and the technical issues facing our recruiting,  CBB has a plan and JJ Watt has turned out as a character guy for Wisconsin and into the NFL.      So CBB has a plan and it could be one where  defense wins out.    But also it can not…

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Perspectives, Cosmos, Creation

Deja vu?  We have all heard of it but what does it really mean and why the feeling that we have been in some place before? Is it that we just imagine this scene like a weird daydream?

I believe that we live in multiple dimensions all at the same time, but our position is layered or like steps on a stairway. A sequential movie of our own life and surrounding environments.


The possibility of conflicts are possible but unlikely. Any noticeable change would be over a longer period of time with an inflection point that begins a process.    The process of an eventual outcome.  The book ends are the start and finish lines of any event in the space time continuum.

Variations at some small point still direct us towards predestined actions and reactions.    The course of our lives intersect and repel each other,  not really touching as the atoms are basically full of space around it’s nucleus and I believe that nearness is like a foul ball that drops just past the foul line,  registering a hit or a ball that is out of play.


Kind of like a vivisecting Universe that moves slow, so slowly that the sense of awareness of that movement is concealed in the obscurity of little nuances.

As we progress linearly to older age we often miss so many things.  It is harder to not notice Mt. Kinley or the Grand Crayon but could miss a person who blinks an eye or breathes irregularly.   Even more, things at a subatomic level or dimension.

In bowling trajectory is everything.   A fraction of an inch and you get a split is a strike or a spare.  And this is in our own dimension where we live,  work and play.     But at the subatomic level it is harder to comprehend and to control.      The Big Bang may have started with basic building blocks already established.   Superposition.     Perhaps Brane Worlds filled with all the right information and data to succeed in the evolutionary process of a Multiverse.

With all this information about Particle Physics  and the speculative nature of it,  some wish to think that God is a fairy tale.  That immutable and intrinsic force hidden within the folds and waves of the Greater Cosmos.

But the proof of God is revealed only to whom He chooses and I suppose this would stick in the craw of those who out of politics and a skewed sense of science would dare opine upon.


Above is our best guess and if this is really an only an approximation,  then we need to finish the final chapter before we can deduce ‘us’ or ‘God’.

Mediating Reality and Politics.

One of the more frustrating aspects of dealing with people is that they read a book on let’s say, ‘Physics’.   They read just enough to have an opinion and then can’t be bothered.   In essence, that becomes their politics.   They fancy their notions but do not engage with them.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

Science itself is still in it’s veritable infancy.  The things we will know later will dwarf us in the here and now.   And the climate change debate will crystalize.    Not an answer driven by political correctness but we will have done ‘real due-diligence’.   Not throwing talking points as real science.

People want everything gift-wrapped into tight little packages that are easy to explain but when you get beneath the dogma, there is nothing but that dogma.   Logically then or rather illogically they go back to their default position as with the topic of ‘Climate Change’.    They refer back to the experts,  whatever that might be.   Many of these same people then refer to the religious as deferring to fairy tales.

Stephen Hawking has the Higgs-Boson to fall back on and considering the fact that he has beaten the odds,  doesn’t see the irony.  As if the fact that my friend died after a year after he was diagnosed.   He too,  had ALS.    The difference being that he was a professing Christian while the former must imagine some last minute intervention or like many unbelievers that his mass will not destroyed.  I  guess.

If I left the world being the most dissipated man of all time,  and did not feel the slightest compunction at being a  jerk,  then maybe I too could go on without asking the biggest question…..why?  Why in my honest evaluation of myself,  I could not even hint at being some kind of saint or above it all.

So maybe we fancy ourselves to be many things.   Perhaps an Opera Star, a Poet or maybe we were born to be a leaf.  One that has fallen during Autumn who is slated for a burn barrel of the compost pile.   We are even less than the worst of miscreants,  who we should assume ourselves to be.   This is not self-flagellation but simple perspective.   The nascent rise of real science can upset a lot of realities.   But is that Immutable Perfect Being really interested in “our take”?    And would it necessarily disprove anything of the nature of God?

This diagram shows changes in the rate of expansion since the Big Bang. The shallower the curve, the faster the expansion rate. There's a notable change in the curve around 7.5 billion years ago, when astronomers think a mysterious, dark force caused objects to fly apart at a faster rate. NASA/STSci/Ann Feild

At that point,  were we even cognizant of our plight relative to people,  what then?


Life is more than elaborate set of rules but the worst part of that is maybe no one really cares who good you think you are,  much less than a sentient being of unimaginable power.  The fact that such a being would ever even care is worthy of our consideration.

Ultimately God makes his choice and is the only choice ever truly made by anyone or anything.  God is not like us,  he would be in all ways better and once we get that if we were a plot of clay,  he could dash that hardened clay against the wall and it would be fair.

That we are sentient, ought to reveal something very important about us and even more about God.   In the final analysis God is so fair,  that he would consider all of our arguments and is the perfect parent because unlike us,  he is truly impartial.  Those conferred with greater gifts now,  are not among the elite in heaven, but those with a humble heart,  who imagines humbly to be so unworthy of him.

Conversely we are antithesis of modesty and our self-aggrandizement is really evident we get so mired into those shows like ‘American Idol’ and that is just one program that intimates that someone is going to find us and see how wonderful we are.    Afterall everyone has some measure of greatness.   Really?  How about those who just CANNOT sing or act or paint a picture?

There has to be a special for them!   And why again?  This kind of mentality is part of the infantilism of the world today.  A 20 year old woman (many called her a girl) remonstrated that her life was miserable because her parents embarrassed her when she was 10.   The crime?   Her parents made her a Halloween costume and that poor girl was traumatized.  Yeah I bet a lot of people would love to trade places.

That person who you and I shrugged off.   That person we may have done charity for with an air of insolent disregard,  perhaps imagining that we are better and he or she is there by choice.   But as I see it, we can be that little boy or girl,  combing through sewage and refuse hoping to eat that.   Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs at play here my friends.


Not dogmas,  not same-sex marriage or even that man/woman arrangement.   Today we confer some kind of special birthright based on sexual proclivity,  racial orientation or our beliefs in some obscure frog or farflung religion.


It is one thing to rebel against injustice because there is some intrinsic value in that.   However,  a lot of this is just rhetoric.

Pay a dime to a cause and sleep well at night.   Is that going to be our legacy?  Do we ‘really’  lose sleep over all this terrible stuff in the world?


We more than most rich people get it.   We are more likely to suffer more substantially than billionaires and because of that we can more relate to the hurting.  But our answer basically mirrors the tax write-offs of the uber rich.   So maybe we are not so swell afterall.

The good message and point here is that someone does care but to know him we have to set aside all presumption.   We have to look at ourselves being the one hurting and really understand our own inherent leanings towards wrong.   I am NOT exempting myself from this either.   We all must do apart from hyperbole and most of all,  do it not for accolades or some measure of self-satisfaction.   Let the words silently minister to the hurting.



There is one thing that I want to do today and that is to ask those who hear to respond.   You will know question to that answer and you will find harmony and perfection.






8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

Here is my take. I am 58, dating a black woman and I know full well and well more based on my life experience. I also do not appreciate being told what to do. Whenever you go that route, you may lose many. And reverse racism does exist. And saying it doesn’t is more a talking point than an actual provable thing. Never be heavy-handed with people you do not know because invariably that does more harm than good. Look at my Bob Gibson (back athlete. st louis cardinals baseball team…….