La Vida Loca San Salvadore Style.

I cannot imagine anyone trying to be ‘ghetto’ and if you take a look at this movie and if you are really ‘ghetto’ then you will probably understand the backdrop to all this pain.  These are pictures from the 2008 movie (documentary)  La Vida Loca’.   These young people are born into grinding poverty and their only release is the cancer that gobbles them up.  VIOLENCE!

And we are not better than they are,  we have been blessed!      This movie is from San Salvadore and you might  have heard of that country because they brought MS-13 to the mean streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere.    The group was started to fend off other gangs who were victimizing their youth.  The result was one of the meanest gangs in the world come to be.

The characters are a sad mix of hurting souls,  looking for redemption in a world that features bullets,  babies and a whole lot of misery.    The saddest part with the girl with the glass eye is that she was murdered just after getting that glass eye and felt a bit better about her life.  She also left behind a baby.  What a damned shame!

This girl liked the murdered girl with one eye desperately seeks acceptance and it is bitterly sad that too many people see them as the dregs, those people on welfare or just gang-bangers.   Does she or any of her friends wish to be poor?   Do they relish the fact that they feel that condemnation every day?     The girl in the picture smiles a lot in the movie and that smile hid a  world of hurt.   The affectations and  her eyes were a window into her tortured soul and who seemed to be a nice person with a good attitude,  all things considered.

And the wailing mothers at their children’s funerals while gang members flash their signs and yet these mothers are not allowed to care?   Is it the choices they necessarily make or the futility of poverty claiming it’s souls?   Or the reward for behaving?

The social worker and the law enforcement officer seem to be their only guidance and their only hope and too many of the LEOs are corrupt.  Some do feel sorry for their people and show it without the malice of too many of our own cops.   Like the black guy who was murdered at the hands of an overzealous prick LEO.


There is a sweet young lady here whose tragedy will be her legacy and more than likely a body bag.   No one outside the barrios will even give a damn.  And the frustrating part of this is who is to blame?

But aren’t we all?  Politicians talk of economic revitalization while we all know this is just a mocking ruse intended to garner votes will paying off corrupt police and perfunctory judges judging them as less than human.   The social worker is burned out and the healthcare personnel patch up wounds that will probably lead to a future trip to the morgue.

And I actually saw a blog that condemned Al Sharpton for accusing NYPD as being racist.   I have little use for that sack of dung and he has a lot to account for.  That NYPD and his accomplices should be considered a dangerous gang.   That is why blacks hate cops and I have seen it in my life too with a girl friend who is black and saw her son jacked up.   The cop was mean to her and she is quite civil.

But back to the movie.   I believe it is a must see chronicle of hopeless.   When people are treated like cattle through the legal system while rich judges and lawyers do nothing to mitigate this kind of tragedy.   There has to be a better way.   Rather than converting hurting teens and young adults into hardened criminals,  why do we do this?   Remember Rodney King?  You cannot tell me he deserved that beating,  regardless if he used drugs and died.   It is just sad.


And this happens a lot here as well.   Law enforcement getting an erection over hurting innocents because they say,  the criminal was being too aggressive.   Cops should treat people with respect and I have seen many cops who are simply wonderful people but sadly too many cops treat people as hardened criminals tazing them because they can.

And before you think that I am liberal,  I am conservative.   Decent people rally around the hurting and sick and so should we.

I remember going to eat at a homeless shelter and I saw a black former Air Force serviceman verbally abused by a stupid latino cop.    I felt his rage and I wanted to lash out at that fat sow.

He complained to me while in line.   I am no judge of the final disposition of one’s life and putting people into neat little categories is expedient but inhumane.    As a veteran,  I served my country and proudly too,  but like the Veteran in the soup kitchen,  I felt his pain as I do the suffering anywhere.

To the suffering I leave this weak attempt to show my support.   God bless you all.

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