Being There and the 2014 Season

Razorback Dynasty

Being a Razorback for a long time,  I can be irrational and calls that go against my guys is unfair.   I think that is why we are called fans or “fanatics”.    It seems like every time we get close,  at least from the late 60s.  some tragedy ensues.     Clint Stoerner’s unfortunate fumble against Tennessee’s fumble and Reggie Fish’s blunder against Florida in the SEC Championship game.

Oops.   Tenner vs. Ark

At least we secured the title in Basketball due to the great Nolan Richardson and his 40 Minutes of Hell.

With all that history behind us and the technical issues facing our recruiting,  CBB has a plan and JJ Watt has turned out as a character guy for Wisconsin and into the NFL.      So CBB has a plan and it could be one where  defense wins out.    But also it can not…

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