Perspectives, Cosmos, Creation

Deja vu?  We have all heard of it but what does it really mean and why the feeling that we have been in some place before? Is it that we just imagine this scene like a weird daydream?

I believe that we live in multiple dimensions all at the same time, but our position is layered or like steps on a stairway. A sequential movie of our own life and surrounding environments.


The possibility of conflicts are possible but unlikely. Any noticeable change would be over a longer period of time with an inflection point that begins a process.    The process of an eventual outcome.  The book ends are the start and finish lines of any event in the space time continuum.

Variations at some small point still direct us towards predestined actions and reactions.    The course of our lives intersect and repel each other,  not really touching as the atoms are basically full of space around it’s nucleus and I believe that nearness is like a foul ball that drops just past the foul line,  registering a hit or a ball that is out of play.


Kind of like a vivisecting Universe that moves slow, so slowly that the sense of awareness of that movement is concealed in the obscurity of little nuances.

As we progress linearly to older age we often miss so many things.  It is harder to not notice Mt. Kinley or the Grand Crayon but could miss a person who blinks an eye or breathes irregularly.   Even more, things at a subatomic level or dimension.

In bowling trajectory is everything.   A fraction of an inch and you get a split is a strike or a spare.  And this is in our own dimension where we live,  work and play.     But at the subatomic level it is harder to comprehend and to control.      The Big Bang may have started with basic building blocks already established.   Superposition.     Perhaps Brane Worlds filled with all the right information and data to succeed in the evolutionary process of a Multiverse.

With all this information about Particle Physics  and the speculative nature of it,  some wish to think that God is a fairy tale.  That immutable and intrinsic force hidden within the folds and waves of the Greater Cosmos.

But the proof of God is revealed only to whom He chooses and I suppose this would stick in the craw of those who out of politics and a skewed sense of science would dare opine upon.


Above is our best guess and if this is really an only an approximation,  then we need to finish the final chapter before we can deduce ‘us’ or ‘God’.

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