Roger Roger Crockett

Roger Crockett.    Like most sports and racing is a SPORT,  it takes money but there is NO other sport where fans can really connect with the driver.    Roger Crockett is the driver SKS Racing #11 and has been racing and winning for 24 years.

Like Babe Ruth in baseball,  short tracking racing has their icons too.        At his home tracks he wins and in fact last year posted 11 feature wins.   Those are your finales that happen each night in the respective divisions.

Most of these racing venues are family run and there is also the thing with sponsors that enable a driver to compete.     You will notice the wings are like billboards on the car and that is where sponsors put their business,  their name and generally their phone numbers.





Roger also races at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa, not Tennessee. lol

Knoxville is a kind of championship track and home of the Sprint Car Hall of fame.

Dirtvision – This site allows for you to chat with other fans and to listen to live audio and video of that night’s racing.

Chatzy – Another chat room run by Mike Struely who is also a veteran.

And and support your local track and if you can, be a sponsor.

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