Great track series – Flemington Speedway

Floyd, Times Are Changin

Wow, before you notice it something you cherished is soon departed.   Like a friend who you wished you visited more,  passes on,  the regrets hang like tinsel and sing their requiem and depart.

The same can be said for a venue such as a racetrack or a fair.   Like a lover who left to some other place,  the pain is very real.   Or the same as losing a pet because a lot of life transpired and the loss felt like a fog that was slow to clear. You might go by the old track where it was falling into disrepair and the ache and the longing came back full force.


ImageTeeth of the Monster

The once thriving action track now is a Shopping Mall or at least it was.   Was this result of hometown haters who would have no part of racing?  Knoxville,  Iowa’s  Knoxville Speedway is the talk of the town,  …

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