Super Bowl Commercials…. Yawn!!!

Let me say this straight up.    I hate the commercials during the Super Bowl.   Ad agencies saving up their so-called best work and fans buying into the seduction.   Cynical,  maybe but I tired of them and some of the celebrities and the hype.   Too many ex-players with observations that any one of us could make.

I would say this about analysis and that Chris Collingsworth has had a great year in that department and trust me,  most do not rate all season long.    Along with the stifling penalties and a lack of defense they might as well call this Arena Football.  

The Seahawks could be one reason to watch the game,  oh and Denver’s QB.    The best thing about Peyton Manning along with his skillset is his personality.   He doesn’t start stuff and he avoids it.  His commercials are funny and he is definitely old school and could have produced pretty much the same numbers regardless of the defensive restrictions.   Too much more of this and I will quit watching.   Let’s see some defense,   less criminals playing the game and the referees need to be sanctioned.    They are helping to screw up the game.

There will be no losers in that game aside from Sherman and it is just a thing.   Seahawks 23-10.


One thought on “Super Bowl Commercials…. Yawn!!!

  1. I’m so happy your prediction is a win by the Seahawks. I’ve been looking forward to this since our first appearance 2005/2006 season. Manning is impressive, but so is our defense. It should be a good game for a change. The commercials? Those are for bathroom breaks and food refills.

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