These Are The Moments!!

By now everyone knows what the good days were and to many these will be the ‘goods ole days’.  The way we assure this continuing is sharing our passions and just because we do,  does not mean they will feel the same way.

We are the object of our own very wrath.  We try to make things understandable based on things that have no relevance,.    To a Jew facing total extermination it is indeed an unbearable weight.    The acrimony towards them was fashioned rather carefully and yet near the end,  the Russians raped womven of all ages.   There is no justification in that.   My best man and good friend was a German Jew.   His existence was that he was fortunate but not so immersed that hyperbole was accepted at face value.

I lived in Germany as a German and I respected their legacies,  some good and some very wrong.   An 18 year old boy is looking to be laid.   He wants to detach her panties and sell her soul.   For the honest,  the decrees are true but the player wrecks havoc upon the spiritually loved.     She and he are a product  of hormones and they fight the demons of lust in a very unfortunate way.    Her vagina speaks a different language and even takes for granted any possible tears.

The legacy of women’s slavery is played out in shades,  where a woman’s lust in an abomination but David was forgiven.  Why?  Because our patriarchal mindset enslaves women and subjects them to a life of servitude.   Her intelligence and compassion become sublimated by writ of politician.

Parochial feminism is a one-trick pony where abortion becomes a litmus and neither side wants to bend.   Neither care of the baby and go so far as to call the baby a fetus.   As a  scientist I fell violated as politician mold public opinion.

In the end,  future generations will find some of our ideas as archaic and women as being subservient angels with big breasts,   enhanced by hormones that men say are irrational.    Is the father helping to raise that child extreme?    Many conservatives would have you believe.   As a man I love pussy and I know my girlfriend loves dick.   This is NOT pornography but reality.    Where hormones shape our perceptions and love stories become reality in a life that yearns for love but settles for  sex only.



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