Totally off the Wall

I am a razorblade on your sink top.  You see me in the reflection in the mirror and your wrists ache at my site.   I sit there gleaming with many sharp edges knowing my use can be one that makes you sexually appealing or the dark and with arousal you lift me and then with short strokes you apply me.

My razor has teeth in many rows and my friend the straight razor thinks I am a fad but I tell you this,  I go back to school to learn how to shave you close painlessly.    There are places that I go that I rather prefer like a visitor with benefits but unable to close the deal.

But I am happy for now because I know,   I get to touch the softest places in a carnal sense.   You see my friends I have my place,   next to you.


Skin upon skin we feel each other.   A private tenderness that is enhanced by my sharpness.  

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