Toxic Little Bubbles.

I would love some mirrors around,  you know like credit card sized reflections that we could see and perhaps we could look at these and do an about-face with our own missteps and poor behavior. We like to see everyone else as we want to.   Assuming they have no where to go or problems of their own.

We almost act like they are there to amuse us and when we say ‘hi’  we expect a very limited response.    We kind of size them up and just to make sure,  we look up and then down and back up again.   We do this as kind of exclamation point,  leaving no doubt who we are and how important.  Then we get mad or put out because they put on a front.   They do this because they are uncomfortable our behavior.

If a person cuts us off in traffic we react hysterically even when we are at fault.   We get mad because they are mad at us.    We exist in our own little worlds.   Our faults like soapy bubbles that obscure our perspective.

Then when someone actually does mess with us,   we go off.   We tell everyone how evil they are and what we are going to do,   the next time we see them.  Of course we don’t but it sounded good at the time.

We hold onto our angry little bubbles rather than let them go.    They are our armor,  a hedge against dealing with our own shortcomings.    I often say to people what I feel and sometimes I am patently unfair.   That is if I have the heart to say it out loud.  Often times I act in a passive-aggressive fashion and then color the painting in jagged hues.

Take this thing we Alex Rodriguez.   Yes he did a lot wrong but is the reaction relevant to our own lives?    This is not like the Penn State thing though I do think it matters.  The problem is that we put this kind of trivial matter on a plane above the crying voices of the sick and hungry children and adults.

We parcel out our sympathy when it suits us.   Going after public figures as a way of mitigating the damage we have done to others.   I am no different but I do try to temper my own judgments with some perspective.   This thing with A-Rod is being exploited.   Let’s forget about the notion that he did what they say,  which he probably did.   But we act as if this relatively trivial matter compares to the victims in the Philippines.

And what Charlie Sheen does in his own private life he has to answer to.    Not me,  not my friends or a carnivorous news media.   The line between Tabloid Trash and let’s say the Trayvon Martin incident is a perfect example.   Another would be Jodi Arias and the girl who allegedly killed some guy in Italy.   Now there seems to be this drama surrounding her back in Italy.   I wonder if this is really about justice at all.

Our kids could be failing in school or they may be taking drugs.   We may have cheated on our spouse or did something to spite a neighbor.   Then we go and make fun of people who are like us except they may be rich or famous.   We totally forget that they do have feelings and being rich does not prevent that.  Ask a rich murderer about that.

I am pretty certain that the use of steroids and such is not rare in the game and especially when these players were so hot and famous.   The Commissioner,  the owners, players and managers of all kinds knew.    Today I saw an article that depicted A-Rod as a scumbag.

So this kind of manic behavior could easily be us and it might be in a limited kind of way.   We can all act like it is Christmas year round or we can keep on piling on because Lord knows we are not perfect.   I can imagine us telling our God that so and so did worse but we roll our eyes when kids say that.   I guess we know where they get that from.

Some of us like to berate Christians because right now that is a lot of fun for us.   I think if we spent a lot less time complaining about others and find something constructive.  Instead of condemning people maybe we can make a difference by relieving the hurt of others.

Of course those bubbles worked well so far <sic>!




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