Winter Games coming to a place like home. 01/14/2014

The above chart was early afternoon Monday and the next chart will be for Tuesday just below.  But there is another Low situated near the Northern Gulf of Mexico and that should push moisture along and ahead of the cold front.

Tuesday will present some tough issues as a double-barrel Lows are expected along the frontal boundary.   Complex because the Lows are kind of hanging up the Stationary Front into North and South Carolina.   Just how much water/moisture we fetch from the Carolina Costal area will determine how much people get especially in Greensboro and to the west of that city.

The key question for Wednesday is the Low that is hung up over North Carolina and the potential snows especially for extreme Western North Carolina.     I would expect near Greensboro to get for the snows,  if any,  probably to be short-lived. 

The Water Vapor Satellite Image is good for deducing where the moisture is at.   If this shows no moisture then it is probably clear.    At time this time I see no snow in this forecast for Greensboro eastward.     Meteorologist Larry Olson


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