Silence Like Glass!!

I saw a deeply disturbing movie called ‘Silence Like Glass’.

The main star ‘Jamie Gertz’ was a young woman suddenly faced with her mortality.   At one point her virginity was called into question as she pondered giving IT up.   The idea she may never be healthy again.    Her roommate was jade an equally young lady seeing her own hand slip through her fingers like sand from an hour glass.   Both these girls were late teens feeling the sting of reality.

A lot has changed since that movie but cancer has reared it’s ugly head in my own life as a cousin has breast cancer.     But cancer is a beast,   it has no heart.   Like the gorilla and a Zebra by a vicious predator.   The Hyena killed both and I felt kind of bad but life is like that,  and many times mostly sad.

These two girls,  beautiful in strength,   Jamie’s roommate was reconciled to death while Jamie gave the staff a piece of her mind.    The hours seemed to slowly click misadventure following  misadventure.

The girl is at first appalled at her roommate at how she can be so lost.   I understand that loneliness,  fear and apprehension.    The dove circles and flutters with wings of angel’s hair while demons take shots at her body and her faith.

The doom glows more brightly,  the walls cave in,  the line between day and night grows weak.

The roommate eventually dies but I feel like these lost girls, a hopeless diamond in a sea of turmoil,  both innocent and guilty,  the egg or the chicken.

But really I prefer the darkness and the rain, because the light always caused so much pain.

This silence I prefer to this continuous hell,  where children fade into headstones and menus become irrelevant and harps softly sing,  it is the end,  the end of this sad thing.


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