Stand up and be heard!! The Abuse of Women and the culture of Narcissism

Many of you women are playing right into the hands of the classic ‘Misogynist’.   These ersatz men live in ‘Man Caves’ lined with the tears of forgotten dreams.   Admired by your youth and looks,  these men like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt  know the difference between young girl and a lady of means and experience.

This ugliness is not exclusive to this country.   In many underdeveloped countries the fate to women are even worse.  In fact,  the rate of rapes is 0.844 per 1,000 people.   This percentage dwarfs the number in percentage for any place else in the world.   It appears as the crime of preference and remember these are weighted averages.

A few years ago I kept hearing the term ‘LBFM’,  Little Brown Fuck Machine’.   This was an insult to ladies of the Philippines.   The tears of these girls and young women is a cautionary tale.  For if you are found to be one of these,  Have Mercy on your Soul.  I would imagine you have no soul.     Just know this,  you allude to a woman with that term you and I,  will have a serious problem.   I  have a 25 year old daughter and suffering makes us stronger but that doesn’t erase the trauma.   And little boys and in some cases,  men have been nearly ruined much as the 11 year who was killed.

I guess you can say that their life is not so hot.    The basic problem is that the victimizer does not see a person.   And rather than stop the predator,  it may actually encourage them because this is what they wanted.   If I were the King for a Day,  sex education would educate an entire family.    The full weight of impact would rest like a heavy yoke and the emotions by children,  women and the elderly would be tangibly felt.

Right now the predator lies in wait,  far more clever than any fox.   And the system of deterrence is but an afterthought because deterrence only deters the ones that care.    There are so many considerations here and we take the legalistic every time and we see how that works, time and again.   The politicians love to make laws.   It is like calling a street MLK but then doing nothing else than shake hands and win elections.   Who is benefitting here?   Because you see,  it is like ‘System of a Down’ and the song, “They’re trying to build a prison”.    This is more a money maker than a solution.   Instead of ostracizing family members against each other,  let’s prevent this shit in the first place.

People can say they are against crime and what do they do?   Hide behind computers,  lists and titles and think this matters,  when in fact,  the whole legal system is a moneymaker.   All told,  they only care about the symbolic act of creating a better world and if it fits with these ideologues agenda all the better.   Meanwhile children die or grow up to be bitter.  Battered women commit suicide or burn the bastard in his bed.   I am not saying all women are good,  but what I am saying is we pay lip service to change.

In  the projects in Chicago many blacks have had it with all politicians and this includes President Obama.        The unvarnished truth here.   These youngins see death and the environment of abuse that gets passed onto their own women.   Whole communities are held at abeyance.   People are waking up to reality and the biggest reality is that women and children are being abused every day and to a lesser extent men.

We all need to make this a cooperative effort.   There are people dying all over the world.   And I cannot see how we can build brand new aircraft only to have them sent to the aircraft graveyard at Davis Monthan AFB.   Did you know, this is the only base that makes money?

So tell me,  why can’t we provide for people in need?  Well part of the problem are those in the community who profit off poverty.  Another is that many are black who exploit needy people.   Some have cute little programs with no real efficacy.   It puts a few people on the employment rolls like the Census takers and not even that.    Let me explain this:   XYZ Company tells prospective job seekers that everyone can get hired.    And some of these actually can but the point here is that they cater to the longterm unemployed.    Many who have no education,   who have criminal records and maybe have a substance abuse problem.

And while we  bust some shitheads dealing dangerous drugs,  far too many are just heads or want a brief break from the poverty.  The especially influential few can do this on the down low while the vast majority cannot.   Furthermore there will be widespread legalization of Marijuana and the reason will not be to help anyone but their political and government coffers.

And to those who have records,   many cannot be employed for a variety of reasons.

This affects women because more serious drug users and I include alcohol are subjecting people to all sorts of  mayhem.   Neither party is innocent but this is not about them.   Many of them are useless and we can no longer say that it is the Republican’s fault because that is just rhetoric.

Oh and feminism does not mean man haters.   No by a long stretch!   Do you think that girls being raped and talking about it is some kind of radical feminism?   You know the answer to this.   And not everyone is a racist white guy or the average white person’s fault.   That too is a straw dog.   It appeals to zealots and miscreants who want to spew ideas that fulminate in racism and reverse racism.   It is time to fix ourselves and our communities because as I see it,   just like the N’ word,  we have the C’word and other notions associated with women that is merely misogyny.    And I believe women need to stop this too.   If we are telling blacks not to drop the N Bomb,  then we need to stop dropping hot grease into the fire and then be surprised when our women are destroyed by friendly fire.

One thought on “Stand up and be heard!! The Abuse of Women and the culture of Narcissism

  1. This blog is important because if people do not stand up to the phony feminist who seem to have one large issue and the rest is nothing. Please read if you get the chance. Spread this around because I know ladies in Saudi and it is sad.

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