Dark Shadows Review #2

OLD House 1Thayer DAVID

The picture above was the character ‘Matthew Morgan’.   He was ostensibly a caretaker at the Collinwood Mansion.   He played a very eerie part in this series early on and as scary as he was,  he was also a bit of sad character.   Beyond his strange looks was a very loyal servant to the Matriarch.   He would do anything even kill to protect Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.   And for the family.    Elizabeth gave him a cottage to live in,  and paid him for his service to her and the family.

The character Roger Collins comes off as shady and you can say he is based on his attitude towards others.  and the fact that he sent Burke Devlin to prison for five years of a crime he committed.    So naturally Devlin holds Rogers in contempt and with utmost alacrity he tends to destroy Roger.

Roger has this singular air about him of being better than anyone else and so he makes enemies easily.    Caroline,  the nubile 19 year old daughter of Elizabeth continues to have a crush of Burke but his desire is to have a relationship with Vicky.   Miss Winters is the Governess of David,  the nine year old boy who actually saves Vicky’s life.

Because Caroline is so flighty and teenlike,  Joe Haskell moves on to the lovely daughter of artist Sam Evans,  Maggie,  and she seems more mature and down to earth.  A very wholesome girl who lives with her dad and works at a local Restaurant.

Maggie-Josette Collins 1Burke-Caroline

It’s about this time that the supernatural is displayed as the wife of Roger appears back in town after being holed up in a sanatorium.   But the lady is more of a witch who seems to have an affinity for fire and who David says is not his mom.   David’s Father and Aunt Elizabeth wonder why David is acting up and thinks it is more of his antics.

Laura is the wife of Roger shown above with the match.   The ghosts you see are the ones who frightened to death Matthew Morgan.    Mrs Johnson was hired by Burke Devlin to spy on the family as a maid.   She is quite unlikeable and use to work for the late Bill Malloy and while she is also trying to prove that Roger killed him and of course it was really Matthew and it was an accident as the two were struggling on the cliff.

It seems as if Laura may be a ghost because she acts detached and allegedly burned in a fire at her apartment.   The police told her that the remains were thought to be of her,  but how could she be?   They are all becoming suspicious of Laura who wants soul custody of David.

The characters seem at times a bit overacted and at times you feel sorry for the characters,  even the most unlikeable Roger Collins.   His vitriol is dependent on the truth of the accident remaining a mystery and Burke is pretending to care for Carolyn while just trying to destroy Roger.   Burke is now very rich and has the means to destroy the family.

OLD House 2OLD House 3DShadows 01



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