Dark Shadows, Take 1

When the hit TV series ‘Dark Shadows, started airing,  I was only 10 years old.  Like a lot of children we would race home to see mainly Barnabas Collins the Vampire and Victoria Winters the sweet young governess of 9 year old David Collins.  Who was a big pain in the ass,  but more on him later..   The true beauty of this show was to humanize vampires, witches and warlocks.   You had the Victorian fascination with witches and very complex love triangles.

The story is centered around the Collins Family, a mythical family living in Collinsport near Bangor,  Maine.   The scripts seem at times maudlin and overacted but in their simplicity wove a kind of love/hate relationship with Barnabas and the powerful witch, Angelique.   The new house and old house give you a kind of confined creepiness though the new house was a large estate with rooms,  most of which are not inhabited.  The old house actually burned down in real life and was replaced.


The imagery is kind of dark but that follows the theme of the show.  Originally the show was not intended to be goth-like but when it did go that direction,  the ratings soared.  And kids from about 10up where hooked.   I was also 10 and smitten by the beautiful Alexandre Moltlke the estranged wife of Claus von Bulow.   Claus himself was accused and indicted in murder charges which were subsequently overturned.   (He was her husband off camera).    My favorite three young ladies were Vicky Winters,  Caroline Collins Stoddard and Maggie Evans who married the handsome Joe Haskell who died of AIDs-related in the mid-80s in real life.

The story is convoluted enough,  so I try to qualify my statements.  Currently in the series which I am watching the show on DVD all 1235 episodes.   At present Burke Devlin was accused and convicted of vehicular homicide and spent five years in prison.  The thing is, Elizabeth Stoddard’s brother,  Roger Collins was the one who actually did run over and kill a pedestrian.    So now, Burke is trying to destroy the whole family.   He is justified in his anger but not his approach.    He is aggressive,  taciturn and manipulative.

He was even ordered by the Sheriff to back off and leave everyone alone.   To complicate matters,  a guy with information about the crime that sent Burke to prison was pushed off of Widow’s Point in Collinswood.   Burke is sure that it was either Sam Evans or Roger Collins.    Roger was not involved but later it comes out that the caretaker of the estate,  Matthew Morgan did.

Matthew committed suicide after everyone found out it was who murdered Bill Malloy.  Mallow ran the fishing outfit and cannery for around 20 years.   Matthew killed Bill because he felt Malloy would bring undue attention to the bizarre happenings around the Collinswood Estates.    After Burke finds out he makes a push to take Collnswood from Elizabeth and she calls her own lawyers to stop that.


Above from the left are two pics of the house and Vicky and Burke at the Old House talking about Barnabas.

ImageOLD House 3Burke-Vickie

Upper Left is the lovely Maggie/Josettel  the two right are Vicky and Burke,

Thayer DAVIDBurke-Caroline Elizabeth-Roger

Thayer David as Matthew,  loyal to Elizabeth/Burke-Caroline/Elizabeth Stoddard-Roger Collins


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