Who I am, what I want, 2014

The year 2013 was problematic and I withered a storm that may have felled many a redwood in one swift breeze.   I literally had to huff and puff to find a home to live in and a way to pay for it.  There was also a very large dragon with gold-plated teeth.   Her drama was a black hole,  where the spirits of men and women alike are sucked into the event horizon.

I set out to find the Milky Way where my consternation and self-doubt may be eased.   The dragon’s flames are less able to conflict with my own ethereal sleep but her raven lurks still at my brother’s house.

HIs situation is a cauldron and everyone there fears the next explosion.   Her  own mother is helpless the kids are held in a force field of malevolence.    I would find it hard to believe if someone told me ab0ut her.   How people can live in darkness,  on purpose and then blame others and the world for their own vices.

She is setting her own children up for many missteps and she doesn’t care.   She turns on the electronic babysitter and sleeps until after noontime.  The kids are left in that whirlpool,  circling around as she snores like a chainsaw and dreams of way to sustain her narcissistic pleasure.

I am free from her vices but I fear for those still there.  Her own mother is afraid of the beast as her fledglings are used as pawns in a kind of blackmail to keep her mother in check.   She is like a female shrek,  oozing about but alas,  I no longer care.   I just wish evil would go away.

There are some things that I cannot control and she is one of them.   I do not have to hear the frantic jousting that can rip that house apart.  If it were not for the kids and my brother and his wife,   they could just self-destruct.

However I do believe the dragon will be slayed this year.  The charred remains will be swept away and I hope she finds some peace because I will not wish bad upon another person.  That is no way to be and I refuse to be a part of that kind of thing.   But chemicals make people do things that they otherwise might not.

With severe anxiety I am getting help with that but much more of that and I would have self-destructed.  Crushed by the tail that lashes with impunity .

The Thing is that there is hope now.  I can go to where my cat is and trust me, she is happy.   No longer caged and wandering expectantly for me to return.   She purrs most of the time and does what cats do very well,  sleep and eat.  lol

One thought on “Who I am, what I want, 2014

  1. Focus on your Hope, Larry, and, yes, go where your cat is. Out Feline companions are wise masters! There is a place you can always visit to be at Peace: Yourself ~ Sending you blessing that you may find that center of the hurricane and then see the pinwheeling arms as outside of you. Then you can engage with them – or NOT – and be in a sane (healthy) place – that is what can help others around us most in these turbulent times! Keep your Spirits up!
    ♥ tomas ☼

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