I love the Mighty Ducks

Sometimes I just don’t get people.   With all the talk of Duck Dynasty,  there is more than the ‘gay’ topic.  It is deeper than that.   It is ‘political’.  But instead of having differences and accepting them,  we want to foist our decisions upon one another with punctuations marks.

In Les Miserables class warfare was well represented.  Just as it is today.   Moreover the lack of compassion sizzles in the face of desperation.  Poor Fantine,  poor Javert and poor Valjean.  To the system he was and always would be a number.  We treat each other as numbers every single day.

For the smallest of sins we are ready to skewer everyone but ourselves.   I have committed ignominious transgressions.    I regret any suffering my life has caused and rather than pawn them off on my tormentor.    Why?  Because I could not let it go.   I could not forgive.

I feel kind of close to what Valjean must have.   I also knew the best remedy was to try and do something good for others.    Not as any kind of vindication but as an indictment against man’s cruelty to men,   women and children.  Murderers killing another offender does not make them less guilty of their own murders.   As it does NOT exonerate us for our own foibles.

The larger point is the finality of law and it’s myriad effects on families and generally across our world.  Take prohibition.   We got the idea that we could cure a lot of the nations woes by restricting alcohol use.   But what about the people who were convicted?  Are they now no longer convicts?

It does not benefit society by passing legislation as a symbolic act.   Later on when those consequences catch up to them (offenders).   Now they cannot feed their family and when unemployment runs out and food stamps can’t be had,  they resort to stealing a loaf of bread?

Then they are arrested and the key is thrown away.   Now the situation becomes more dire.   The kids become hungrier, they wear rags and scrounge through dumpsters as a way to survive.

Simple perspective could alleviate a lot of suffering.   But do we cling to myths and do we forget about these sufferings during a movie or football game?   Are we heroic because we cry at injustice on TV while down the road is a family without a blanket?   I am not saying we are uncaring but we can be.   Otherwise we not be fighting over a Reality Show and treating this man’s opinion as being more important than kids with no toys,  no father and no place to live?

We can condemn Valjean because we might have a badge.   We can bust 20 years old for drinking while so many of those officers drank at 18,  whether legal or not?   We are good at passing rules and LEOs are muscling up and treating suspects as if they were already convicted.   This is a true indicator of our society’s altruism.   Not some fake TV anchor talking about a soup kitchen or Benny Hinn and those bodies hitting the floor.

So let’s get this straight.   We are human but sometimes inhumane.   We relegate our caring to a check for some cause and while sometimes,  like in the Philippines that is the best way to go.   The bottom-line is what the grand dad said on that interview matters but only in a small way.   We have bigger Carp to fry.

Hug a neighbor you make not like.  Nurture the broken-hearted,  and listen to their words.   Do not offer rigid advice meant only to make you feel better.    And if you do not like Duck Dynasty,  do not watch.

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