What are we doing to each other?

What I find ironic in football is I thought it was supposed to a ‘manly’ sport.   If that is true,  then why do sports scribes and commentators (mostly males) need to not just run a story but actually beat the drums of war.    It seems like that cannot report a story on sports directly,  but to get into the minds of others.  

So we have this incident where Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin.    The NFL stated that they believe that Tomlin’s behavior was not intentional but then levied a $100,000 dollar fine.  And now there is talk of suspensions and draft picks being forfeited.  Odd, for a guy who did not intentionally step on the field.  

Early in this country’s past,  we had the Salem Witch Hunt,  and depending on what version you believe,  women were burned as witches and it was largely loose-lipped gossips who can’t wait to pile on.   Maybe this inspired the creation of football, but I digress.

So my rant largely involves why we must go to such great lengths to not just punish people but to actually damage their psyche and you cannot me that they deserved it.   Anymore deserving are they than you were when you lied to your parents,  cheated on your girlfriend or robbed that bank!

You might respond that you never robbed a bank but that was just me giving you a pass or at least a chance to breathe.   And there is a moral to that story.  And that is people MAKE MISTAKES!   Yeah that was it and we know it is true,  but why then do we go off on people for their transgressions?   I know for the rich and famous,  “they should know better”,  they have a lot of money!”   “They are so rich that God asks them for loans and if you don’t believe me,  ask him.”

That is how we can be hypocrites and justify our rants against Tiger Woods,  Mark McGwire,  Michael Phelps,  George Zimmerman and a litany of others.   It was crazy important to beat these dead issues until we either didn’t care anymore or sat in court room venues and behind the TV sets, waiting outcomes.

And where there is no jail or suspensions, there are fines and other sanctions,  all to indicate their stance on impropriety.   From the very start we have Nancy Grace, Dr. Phil and the Grinch whole stole Christmas all with shows detailing their ideas on the story.  Then there are the forensic types, who have different interpretations.    It a word or two,  It is a mess!!

We spend countless hours finding things to say about Alex Rodriguez,  Rich Incognito and Zippy the Clown.   We articulate through an experience or an experience by someone else,  how Homey the Clown was mean to Ronald McDonald.  And A-Rod lied to a guy and besides he was not worth 260 million dollars.   Ah,  now we are getting somewhere.  A hint at the truth.

Do I believe they are overpaid,  you bet your behind I do.   But that in and of itself does not make them superhuman,   making them invisible the same errors that befall many of us.   From cheating on your wife to your taxes.   For parking in the handicapped zone and rooting for the Roadrunner or John Cena.

This week we have the Mike Tomlin saga as we hash out how incorrigible he is and how his record in the league has nothing to do with the issue at hand.   And it is not like fans from other teams are casting shadows just to be a partisan fan of his own team.  Oh no,  no one would dare do anything shady.    Nah,  not the hardworking fans.  As if being hardworking is an excuse for attacks on other fans or beating their wives at home, because she found out,  you were cheating.

One of the biggest baddest trolls of NFL’s Mike Florio.   He and his kind write inflammatory pieces and then sit back as the sparks fly.   They are the beer swizzling media pundits who get on the tube such as Bob Costas.    If you watch these clowns,  you predict the scores as well as they do.  And since your blogs steal a lot of their thunder,  they go all soapbox.   Like with Jim Rome,  they get morons to go on his program to make fun of athletes and then pull the plug if those same fans go over the line.

He and Colin Cowherd and the self-loving Bob Costas,  they think they know something that we don’t.   Hell I don’t watch movies anymore or even the games.   It is more fun fantasizing about Roseanne Barr or watching reruns of Benny Hinn.   I just let them tell me what I just watched and not wasting three hours watching those games.  I mean really,  you do hear me right?   Just like after a political debate and some man in a suit telling you what you heard and what it meant.

The NFL has their own version of this,  in the Sunday pregame programs.   Boooring.   So now enter the ‘blogger’ who writes because of the love of writing.   This is a direct challenge to their power and influence and now bloggers are saying I can do that too. lol





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