For the love of women.

Most of my heroes are ladies;  it is they that are left behind in a war,  with children in tow.    Of course I appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a woman but I marvel in her strength.    A really good man,  is careful not to offend a lady.

My friend died recently (Floyd) and I am telling her about her dad whom she misses so much and she is 33 years old.   She told me how he was always there for her and I will be straight,  this is not just some feel good remark.   He was that kind of man and the kind of man we all should be.      Women have always been a charm on a bracelet to too many men.

If media and entertainment are any example,  you have to go no further than ‘Conan The Barbarian’.     In one scene James Earl Jones has a virgin jump to her death.    This is not really about power as that scene alluded to,   but really a scene of misogyny.

I have seen the cruelty at an early age,   violence foisted upon my mother,  her life seemingly in the balance to a young five year old boy.   A picture I cannot erase and will never justify.   Not for the sake of ego and not some false premise of power.    I saw my own mother suffer as a kid while my dad was in Thailand.   I am not sure what instigated the event but she came home crying one day and I did not know why.    Still a young boy I wanted to find her tormentor and maybe push him or her off that cliff.   Regardless,   cruelty really angers me and I will not sit still for it.

“Yeah kickin your ass would be a pleasure!”   But do not think for one moment that those kind of  men are rare and even the potential of a woman is somehow mired on their chest and between their legs.

Vir sac 2

Misogyny comVirgin sac

As a young boy and you see such things,  is it any wonder so many men and boys treat women like chattel?    And modern society for all it’s claims about being more sensitive is not.

I think you get the point by now,   it is exploitation.   Do you think I turned my head?  No!!!   But at the same time,  it is what it is and she didn’t get that scene because ‘Real Girls Have Curves’.

Three months later in Gypsies,  Tramps and Thieves,  she is a gal in trouble and the guy has split.   Oh what a shock,  right?   I loved her power,  Cher’s and figure she gets it.   She has her own quiet strength and it shows and you feel it.   Many great women have made their mark,  not their thighs,  fake boobs or liposuction but their real inherent greatness.

In Linda Ronstadt’s  ‘Different Drum’,  she was sexy and beautiful but at the same time,  her own person.   Not merely eye candy or a trophy wife.  If we listen to the muses we hear the song and we hear the power of a woman.   Totally cool if you ask me and no one did.  😛   “Any person, place or thing,  trying to pull the reigns in on me!    I recently heard she has Altzheimers and this saddens me.   But her beauty has gone nowhere,  just like the beauty of Minnie Ripperton.

One of the great songs by feminist singers was Helen Reddy, ‘I am Woman’  and ‘I don’t know how to love him’.   I am a romantic person and guys it is not about getting laid,  as gross as that sounds to the younger generation.   lol.

Wisdom born of painWoman

 I saw on Plenty of Fish women acting stupid and it wasn’t as though they were playing it straight and one blogger here ( a female) summed it up perfectly.   Basically that too many men are pigs and too many women expecting perfection when they themselves are not.   The problem as I see it,  the founder of this site has set up some unreasonable expectations and some pretty bold BS,  which neither side can attain to.   And again,  I believe this is a form of male chauvinism.

I am going to end with this song now and believe me,  I have a lot more.   The lesson is quite plain,  we get what we put into this and respect each other.   That is the best we can do.   Sometimes we get hurt and sometimes we hurt someone else.


5 thoughts on “For the love of women.

  1. Among the likes, you left a wonderful comment about my writing and my boy enjoying his first “ice cream” a while back. I haven’t had the time to visit as I’d wanted to. I appreciate your thoughtful post. I think often about the ways history has undermined women.

  2. I am still recovering from months of living in my car. My cat is happy and I truly believe she thinks she made this all come true. I am a simple but resolute child of hope. This issue with and about with women, along with veterans takes a lot of my time. I need to work on my writing skills, because the heart and the passion is really there.

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