Feminists run amok – The War of the Roses

In Sublime irony they exist.

aged mannequins with diamond eyes

who strive with pride and flippancy.

They crisscross the boundaries inducing

encroachment and then reproach.

Silver haired Jackels with sharpened faces

and tawdry graces.

Sublime,  pretentious and curt.

Like clever little scorpions

stinging who the may.

The treasure box is locked,

containing lucre turned to dust.

—  I am on a dating site in which the owner (a man) has set standards so high that some women (many in fact) take advantage of the men.

–    Granted some are justified in their derision but there is an irony here.

Many speak as if they have a royal flush when they onlyhave a cracked mirror

a few valium and a glass of wine.

If you look at the bottom of their profile announcing things like

if I ignore you too bad,  deal with it.

Strange they want respect and give none.

Not every man is a dog and this is true of women too.   However one lady who says in her profile that she is looking for sex,   is dressed in short shorts with her legs wide open and suggestively and with no bra.

This is kind of like bait and switch and endorsed by the site’s owner.   It is actually wimpy to play sides.   Again the men that are pigs need to go.   But when the list is long,  too long,  then I get the scent of a bitch.

In stark contrast are the women who are equally beautiful but who tell me that many women will not even read their posts and delete them and then laugh.

There are comments like you must not have asked for sexual favors (reworded) and a litany of things that is no one else’s business.

The Weather story continues to evolve around a very well defined surface low pressure area and causing at the very least the chance for heavier rains on the order of four plus inches.   Like I have said before weather is more about potential and then met or unmet expectations.   The formula is as elusive as the Higgs Boson was.

In attempt to enlighten people I try to explain why as simply as I can and when I hear misinformation it is like a spelling mistake to an English teacher.

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