We knew how to party.

To the far left was the Rowan Brothers on their hit variety show that featured a youthful,  sexy Goldie Hawn.   The SAYS!!!

Finally this guy had a Uke,  and liked to Tip Toe Through The Tulips.      But time can be a cruel master and Richard Dawson could attest to that!    The show  was a smaltzy Hippie Twostep with an All-star cast.    It was the antithesis of Hee Haw which was popular with the W-S-M crowd in Nashville.    (The Grand Ole Opry Home)

This show had it’s controversial and sometimes players.    The Hero of this show was always pranking the Gerries with his clever manipulations.  Hogan had to keep Colonel Klink  (Werner Klemperer) busy while the troops snuck out POWs that were high profile.    The whole premise was to keep the German Klink as commander of the Stalag while at the same time making to look like a hero in the eyes of the troops.

Sgt Schultz was the harmless and lovable BWM who was always saying he didn’t see nothing!!   Kind of like a 300 lb Teenager  who was tricked (most of the time) by the likeable Colonel Hogan.    Colonel Klink in real life was a bigger than life impresario.  He was quite famous and not at all the goofy commander depicted here.

Stranger still is the fact that Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) was murdered and was involved in the porn industry. Apparently he was not liked the Sopranos type crowd.    I guess you could call him an impresario of another kind.

I know this generation has Justin Bieber and Hannah where’s my clothes Cyrus,   but we had gangstas shown below.

You may have had That 70’s show but were living it and that was like ‘way groovy’.   I am wondering if they were not into organized crime and you would know why if you watched the show.      This was like the Dirty Dozen for the Kindergarten Crowd.    I could imagine them today on Lifetime’s Locked Up.   Eventually Bunny married Mr Moose (don’t ask) while Dancing Bear was put on Ritalin and STP.

Above were some of the games we played and people died when we did.   Good thing we had those old Army Shovels.   Our ladies kept it on the DL because life was hard when the weather went all Wizard of Oz and while you had Kelly Bundy,  we had Valerie ‘Freakin Bertinelli and the trollop Marie Osmond.   When I reached puberty is when I could tell who was Donnie and who was Marie.   Got it now!!!

While you have NCIS,  Criminal Minds and the Mentalist,  we had Charlies Angels,  Kojak,  Mr T and Barnaby (uncle jed) Jones….





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