Motel 6 – Tom and his guests

  You’ve probably heard the commercial where Tom Beaudette tells us how he would leave the light on.    A comforting appeal when you are tired but the reality can be far different.and me a girlfriend had one of ‘those days’.     Ultimately we settled on a Motel 6 near Greensboro. Not only were the rooms but the must have been from the 70s.

And there were no cable channels let alone HBO or Showtime.   The remote control did not work and the channels they did,  rolled and came in and out.  They probably had digital channels to save money. You get what you pay for.

The staff was nothing special either.   There were no beverages like coffee and the room had worn carpets with no toiletry or towels,  we had to go ask. The bottom line is probably most Motels are not this bad but this one,   the light was missing!!

That’s my rating.



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