Weather – The final frontier

Thursday – October 24th,  2013,   1300 L

I love to let you all in some fascinating but very basic foundations of weather science.   Our atmosphere has many constituent levels.   And their complexity is the weather of tomorrow and even the term ‘weather’  can mean any condition including clear skies.    In Meteorology it is rain,  snow,  etc.      As well,   it like Catholic v. catholic. 

It is like the same license plate on many cars.   Well today’s weather is but another very distinct day even if the skies are the same as yesterday.

The most obvious aspect to this chart is the High Pressure over the Western Half of the United States.   The winds at the surface are pushing cold Canadian air into the heart of the country.

The above precipitation chart is valid from  Thursday 7am – Friday 7am

Above Friday 7am – Saturday 7am

Saturday 7am – Sunday 7am

Saturday’s Surface Map with a very intense Low in the Upper Mississippi Valley and High Pressure over the Carolinas and into Virginia.

Sunday Morning

Monday Morning October 28th, 2013

Tuesday,  October 29th,   2013

Storms that approach from the Left Coast,   California-like.   So just how much moisture and what kind of temperatures remain to be seen.  It seems like the cold airmass has been modified and not getting quite as much cold air advection.

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