Good bye SMSgt Floyd Parton – Krakatoa Forever

I remember our time as team members in Little Rock,  and the many discussions we had between forecasts and observations and other associated duties.     It was a fun time and a few adventures but like a bottle of good wine,  it’s contents empty.   The only difference is the memories will be etched in my mind and though I still don’t understand the loss I am feeling,   my heart goes out to you and Kim and your beautiful daughter Wendy.

We used to talk about Bob Dylan and those were the days we lived in.   The War in Vietnam was all but over but our experiences both in the weather field and out of it I will always cherish.   We were on a team together and we were ‘Krakatoa’.   I was in demand because I was the top observer there and our team won a lot of awards.

More than that,  Floyd was a kind man.    Gentle in spirit and a very intelligent person and a fine NCO.   We had often talked about this day and the days in between.  That matter how long we were in different places,   we would always be friends.

Talking to Kim tonight,  I feel the pain though she is strong and not sure if she is going back to Thailand.    Her daughter Wendy was always a sweetheart and she is comforting Mom while dealing with the loss.

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