NFL – NFL and Drastic Increase in Injruies

The National Football League often depicted as the No Fun League is at it again.   This time a nearly 50% increase in serious injuries seems to poke holes in player safety making the NFL look more like a M.A.S.H.  unit than a contact sport.    Did anyone get that part…  Roger Goodell?   Your silly butt is more worried about Dez Bryant’s endzone antics and what color socks they wear that the real issues go either unaddressed or making new rules like someone ‘pushing.’   THERE’S NO PUSHING IN THE NFL!!!

Pushing?  Maybe they should have charging fouls or better no hitting below the belt.  You know like in boxing.   Maybe we need including Nuns wanting to take a crack?  At this rate we will be having players stay in college or join the Synchronized Swimming team where contact is more common.      Now starting on defense at all 11 positions is the kicker.   I volunteer Martin Automatica.

Oooops..  I did it again!!!1

Mr Goodell you are that guy.   The guy who avoided the draft because the rigors of sports doesn’t apply.   I guess you are too busy fining Suh so you won’t be sued?  Talk of irony but you are a probably a lawyer anyway.  

Momma drama

Now we have players unsure if this is flag or touch football and suing over the height of astro-turf.   I think your idea on kick off returns and making them more rare is a good start.  Pretty there will be more hitting in a lingerie team and a lot less fun to watch.

Pretty soon teams will need 100 players just to get to Bye Week,  I guess the upside is that more regulars will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   This can’t be good.

The other issue that I see is the scores in the NFL are roughly equivalent to that of the Arena Football League.    And why is that?   Defenses can only tackle every other Sunday! I bet Ray Lewis got out at the right time.  

Can you say,  ‘roid rage’?  


Maybe this is Suh should go to the NHL where his skills at cross-checking will be better utilitized.    I bet that even Tonya Harding hits harder than NFL Lineman and not by choice.    Maybe we can get Skip Bayless as a replacement player or having half-time shows featuring Jim Everett and Jim ‘ I got my butt beat on ESPN’  Rome for the rubber match of their epic battle.

Pretty soon players will opt for offense and somehow that will drive up scores even more.     I can imagine scores surpassing that of the NBA sans Michael Jordan,   Larry,  Curly and Mo.  By the way,  the fourth stooge has hired expert refs to break the inane while more guys go off on backboards and shopping carts.

All this has me looking for equipment malfunctions on the cheerleaders!  I wonder if excessive celebrations pertain to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders as well,

What is the ‘bottom-line’  here?   You got it.



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