Weather October 19. 2013 7AM

This morning a disturbance in the form of a weak Low Pressure area getting caught up with the Low on the coast,  which will pass this evening as a stronger cold front moves into the area.  (Durham-Burlington) and thus ushering cooler drier during the start of the week with morning lows around 40 a couple of those days.

This could be a precursor or a shift to cooler stormy weather.  Otherwise we see a bit of rain because the rainband is pretty extensive near Greensboro.


current color enhanced goes east infrared image


A very active weather pattern is expected to persist for the few days at least.  Because of the uncertainty computer models show a bit of rain by Tuesday but will have to see how this situation turns out.

For today expect some snowy conditions over the Midwest and upper Midwest.   Temperatures are becoming more seasonal as witnessed by the snows over the Rockies and OK.

The above surface chart at 5 days (Wednesday-Thurs) shows a strong push of cold air into the southeastern USA.    There will be a Cape Hatteras Low situation in that and will push cold air down through the cooler Canadian Airman.

The Desert SW will find a large area of High Pressure in that area and between the Low of the Great Lakes and the High will push much cooler and perhaps cold air into the area.




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