Images in Sports

These days reporters and broadcasters do NOT report the news,  they invent it.   Like editors of a kind,  they put a spin so breathtaking that you like you were in some surreal where the stories are changed and no one is protected.      Some names that went afoul of the media demagogues were Morton Downey Jr,  Andrew Dice Clay and the zombie like Ismus in the Morning.

And then you have the shock jocks like Howard Stern and Bubba Clem.   Those two are nothing more than misogynists women haters who relieve themselves on the air,  in the name of freedom and free speech.   Yet there is huge cost for dishing out morality.

Morton Downey –  This guy was a consummate rabble-rouser and some say ‘racist’ although they say that about anyone they dislike.   Morton was an entertainer and he knew this was nothing more than stagecraft.   The scripted diatribes evoked anger from the left and they would battle back with some inane characterization of Downey.   It was like the last strong voice of dissent had faded where new technologies proscribed a new set of rules and people like this will not do.

Andrew Dice Clay  –   This guy was like Rush Limbaugh on steroids.   He was a bit of a misogynist  in theory and considered racist (again by the  same.   He was able to do what ‘In living Color’  had done  with a whole cast.    Clay was imposing figure clad in his leather and sporting chains and gloves.   He kind of looked like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky when Rocky was collecting booty for knuckle-busting Mafia type bosses.

Little Boy Blew
Hey! He needed the money.
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
And said, “Hey! What’s in the bowl, bitch!”

This is some of what got him in trouble and while I hate his misogyny I still feel he has a right to be a jackass,   and for which democrats seem to be seldom called out on,  especially when they have allowed worse somewhere else.

Imus –   In this case,   he had made disparaging remarks of a girls college basketball team and essentially called them “Nappy Headed Hos”     What bothered me was these girls are college kids doing the basketball thing and being good students (for the large part).    The takeaway point is some fathers should be very angry.  And some husbands,  uncle, boyfriends,  you get the drift of where I am going.


I will talk about the political and sports figures that have their own nice,   but as much  as they offend,   so did Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Mel Brooks.   It seems as if punishment is merited out with race in mind.  Offending the very point of MLK about the quality of individual character.

At the bottom of all this is the patent hypocrisy.    Sequestered behind the Wizard of Oz’s  Head Henchman and erstwhile Wizard’s curtain was the dirty little secret.    That liberal fascism is quick to condemn a Conservative but hesitant to do that with their own fasicistic  tendencies.

Again this is not about carrying grudges forward but actually trying to have some compassion for one another.  These comedians provide a perfect out for their own transgressions.    See Jason Whitlock’s comments about Jeremy Lin’s one inch penis.     There was feigned contempt that eventually found the media being suddenly silent.   It was like for whites there is termination and isolation.   White Man’s guilt is branded into their flesh and their soul.

Comedy is a way out for us.   It gives us to chance what we otherwise could not admit to.   And it is not only whites who fall short and that must be admitted to.  If anything however,  it appears the gulf is just getting wider and neither side wants to draw out an armistice and eventually lay down arms.   It is like two young teenagers bickering over who started what.

In the end,  we do need to fix this or at least,  find peace with ourselves and others.  It will be long past our generations when perhaps the true paradigm shift will happen then.  Let’s hold out for that!!!




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